Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shabbos Guest?

Anyone remember my friend who called me to join her at the 'Shabbos Table Experiment' Shidduch suggestion that I posted about this past May?
Well, I sure remember, cuz I was there, AT THE SHABBOS TABLE!
So, I thought that story-or that IDEA was one of a million and therefore making it a DEFINITE post on this blog.
However, I guess the idea itself wasn't THAT unique, since I got a call from my friend Suri tonight.
Her story is similar to the Shabbos Table Experiment, except hers was a bit more direct.
You see, Suri's mom got a call from a family friend of theirs. They got talking about how the Shidduch system stinks and from there about how their kids were still in 'the parsha' and how the calls were getting fewer and totally not shayach. From there, the family friend told her mom that since she had a son in the parsha and since Suri was in the parsha, why not take things into their own hands and see how the pieces fall.
(Side note: My other friend Rivky's mom made 2 of her kids shidduchim herself by calling up the parents of her future son-in-laws direct and they are happily married)
The problem, Suri said, is that they are friendlyish and she knows the son and is totally NOT interested, not in looks, personality or level of Yiddishkeit. She is looking for something totally different. So, how awkward would THAT one be?
Personally, I did it for a friend, and would join along for any friend-as long as it ain't me and my future mom-in-law clinking our forks across the table, I'm good. But poor Suri-I hope they find a nice way outta this one...

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  1. It happened to my sister - my mother's very good friend's son became taken with her, but he wasn't the frummest kid. My sister was racked with guilt and nervousness, but I think my mother managed to convey to the friend, in the nicest way possible, how this would be too awkward for my sister. It blew over eventually. He's married, she's married, and probably he doesn't even remember.