Thursday, November 4, 2010

Under Attack?! Play the 'Other Team'

I was at a family Simcha, when of course, being considered by all relatives an 'older single' and having to hear about it all through the Simcha, was making me wanna puke.
I mean, uncles, aunts, great uncles & great aunts, cousins, grandparents, family friends, ALL BUGGING me and asking why I'm not married, why I'm so picky, the works...
Anyway, this was going on throughout the night and I was seriously dreading this Simcha because I figured this is how I would end up-under attack!
Towards the end, one of my favorite cousins came to talk to me. We made fun of all of our relatives (that made me feel MUCH better) and then he told me that it must suck with everyone bugging me, to which I nodded my head.
He leans closer and quietly gave me his advice:
"the next time any of these people come over to you and ask you why you're not married yet, or what's wrong with the next guy, etc. Just look up at them and simply say "I'm interested in Girls" (play the other team)-That should shut them up for a while'
Whilst that was totally wacky-but TOTALLY my hilarious cousin's sense of humor-its true, if I would say that, probably everyone would just stop bugging, jaws dropping, eyes bulging, plates dropping and then SHUT UP!
Well, atleast I know technically it would work...
Too bad I only play on the 'guys team' tho...

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