Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Minute Date

OK, I don't know if I'm the only one who has this, but...
Ever get a call where this woman/man/friend/neighbor/relative or random stranger tells you 'there's this AMAZING guy who's in town now. you MUST go out with him..he's leaving tomorrow/day after' ?
Well, that kinda things has happened to me more than once, and let me tell you, they didn't always end well. HOWEVER, to give last minute dates fair chance, let's just say there ARE some positives, like for example:
1) Not having to take ages to do research
2) Not having to deal with all the shadchan back and forth
3) Not having to 'wait for an answer'
4) Not having to deal with nerves while 'waiting for an answer' or until you GET to the date itself
5) Not having time to really find anything out, hence not making you nuts/nervous.

So the few times that I had last minute dates, it was nuts-I meant like motzei 3 day yom tov-when you feel gross, your breathe smells like a toilet, your hair looks like it has been gelled, your face is dry from lack of makeup, and you just wanna shower for 2 hours-which you DO, and then finally, after cleaning up and getting into cozy PJs and lying infront of the tube, you get 'the last minute date call'. Of course, its early enough to go out and the Shadchan gives you an hour to get ready. You can't take a second shower, your hair is half dry/half frizzed/half wet, you gotta get outta those cozy yummy pjs, put makeup on your freshly exfoliated face, get into that straight skirt (that now is too tight after yom tov meals) and heels-that's what a last minute date means.

Or how bout, your sitting at your cubicle at work and the shadchan calls your cell 'I have the nicest guy for you, and guess what? He's in town. You HAVTA go out with him-just give it a try. What have you got to lose? he's here ANYWAY...' only to find out that he's flying out that night and she has already set up a lunch date=hopefully it's not casual Friday, and you look sorta decent, as you will be picked up in...what? 15 minutes...try explaining your 3 hour extended lunch surprise to your boss!

In any case, most of my experiences with last minute dates haven't been great. In fact, the last few times we got calls-we knew the guys were just here for an extra day because the girl he went out with the night before (friends of ours) wasn't shayach and his flight/ride back wasn't til the next night. So just by calling the friend AND doing some research we were able to avoid last minute rush!

Would you do a last minute date? how much time would you need? would you do research or just go for it?

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  1. This is a funny post!!
    It has never happened to be, but I can imagine that if it did --
    1) Ask the shadchan specific details that are make it or break it for me (religious observance, height, smoking habits, etc.)
    2) I would do a quick facebook search
    3) depending on where he's from/where he went to school or yeshiva, I would quickly text or call a friend or two and ask if they know any info

    If all seemed okay, then I'd go for it.
    I have to admit, though, that the post-3 day-Yom Tov situation would annoy me immenssssssly. Especially if I had to get out of PJamas and do my hair. Well, actually, it would only annoy me if it was a bad date.