Monday, November 15, 2010

When a Boy's Mom Approaches...

This past Shabbos, I had a Bar Mitzvah to attend and so I went to daven at the Shul of the Bar Mitzvah boy & co.
Being that I'm not a usual in that Shul, I sat in the first available spot and although it was quite hard to concentrate and so easily to get distracted (different Shul, different people, so much to see in so little time, etc.) I tried really hard to daven.
Half way through leining, this woman walks in and sits down right next to me. I continue to daven and I can see in my peripheral vision, that this woman is watching me quite closely. It made me a bit nervous, but she just seemed curious and so I continued. When I finished davening Shacharis and finally caught up to leining, she smiled and started asking me where I'm from and my age. I was polite and responded, all the while thinkin-this woman has GOT something in her mind, I can tell by the look on her face. She smiled back and turned to her Chumash.
At the next break in leining, she asked me once more how old I was and I told her same age(-no change in past 5 minutes). She then told me she has a son exactly my age and went on to tell me his profession, etc.
By then I think a sweatbead was starting to form over my eyebrow, so I smiled, opened a Tehillim and prayed really, REALLY hard.
At the end of leining, she leans over and tells me that she wants her son to get to know nice Jewish girls-wink, wink (in other words: HINT HINT!). At that point I was totally helpless, so I look around the women's section in the Shul and I tell her, then bring them to this Shul-there shouldn't be any problem here! I smile and delve back into my Tehillim with FERVENT Kavannah.
After they put the Sifrei Torah back in the Aron Kodesh, she leans closely and says in a whisper-'you don't have Facebook, do you?'


  1. Lol! Cute:) But how come you didnt act more interested?

  2. anon-to be honest, she wasn't so religious (even in her remark 'i wasnt my sons to meet nice JEWISH girls') and I'm looking for a solid Frum boy