Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet the Shadchan

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  1. While on point in a number of ways, I hope the makers of this video is not advocating rudeness. But something is niggling me - when he said that the crisis is called by shadchanim? Clarification: Shadchanim do not equal shidduch system. Friends and family setting up people that they know is more shidduch system then a self-proclaimed shachan.

    He blames the shadchan for trying to boil down singles into simple adjectives, yet it's not right to set up based on skirt/pants. What do you want from this woman? She makes a point to know a ton of people yet supposed to know exactly what they are looking for without any sort of description? So don't go to a shadchan! Leave it up to G-d and the friend/aunt/neighbor who actually know you.

    Yenta the matchmaker was a movie character. We all know how even in fiction, how hapless she was.