Monday, November 30, 2009

References? who needs 'em when u got THIS app!

iPhone apps run background checks on your date

Stud or Dud?

The apps, known as Stud or Dud? and Are They Really Single, utilize data culled from countless public records to give users a more complete picture of whom they’re going out with. PeopleFinders President and COO Bryce Lane says his company collects data from “thousands of sources” across the country from “federal governments to the very smallest city governments.” He says the company then uses algorithms to sort through the data and make comprehensive files that will give users a reliable picture of who the person is.

From there, the data is placed in PeopleFinders’ database and is put up for sale. While both of the applications the company debuted today cost a mere $1 to download, users can only access records by either paying $9.95 per record or by paying an annual subscription fee of $24.95. In the case of Stud or Dud? users have the option of using simply by a person’s first and last name, by their age and hometown, or by their phone number. From there, the program gives you a list of potential matches to choose from.

Once the user thinks they’ve found their match, they can then access all of PeopleFinders’ records on them and learn whether they own property, whether they have a stable address history, whether they’ve ever gone bankrupt, whether they’re married or are in a possible relationship and whether they have a criminal background or are registered as a sex offender. Lane cautions, however, that the program cannot guarantee 100-percent that all of its information is accurate, especially in cases where the person you’re searching for has a relatively common name. Lane says that like any search engine, Stud or Dud? will work better the more information you put into it.

If Stud or Dud? is meant to be a comprehensive background check, the Are They Really Single app is more tailored to answering the specific question of whether someone is either married or potentially in a long-term relationship. It could surely make those with philandering lifestyles like that of Mad Men’s Don Draper more than a tad nervous. Much like Stud or Dud? the app combs through thousands of marriage records, divorce records, common addresses and wedding dates to provide users with information about whether the person they’re seeing is really single.

Lane says PeopleFinders decided to debut this application on the iPhone because it was the most popular consumer-focused device on the market and because the App Store had the greatest reach of any other application market. If the application is successful in its iPhone incarnation, he says the company will explore bringing it to other mobile operating systems, such as BlackBerry or Palm’s webOS.

When asked about privacy issues PeopleFinders’ two apps could raise, Lane says the company will take anyone out of its databases who requests to be deleted. However, he says people should be aware that this information is all public and that anyone can find it if they’re really determined.

New iPhone App to excuse you from Blind Dates

how I wish I had my iphone a bit earlier....altho I DEFINITELY will be downloading this app!

New iSoBusy Fake Call App for iPhone Called "Best-ranked Application of its Kind..." Puts an End to Boring Meetings

Ann Arbor, Michigan 8/14/2009 06:25 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The first iPhone app from a new partnership is released and in the iTunes store. A strategic partnership called iBeSilly formed by Detroit technology leader Stout Systems and branding expert David Brier of DBD International creates a new generation of entertainment apps. The result is iSoBusy, The Ultimate Social Repellant, designed to call its owner anytime or on an immediate basis with any of the 23 pre-recorded "accomplices" who will rescue its iSoBusy owner from any situation in business or social settings.

Co-creator David Brier states, "iSoBusy arose from the fact that so many people dread long-winded meetings, socially odd circumstances and even family gatherings. Just look at the number of Web sites devoted to 'boring meetings' or Hollywood scripts devoted to how dreadful someone's family gathering was--or worse, a disastrously bad blind date. Some people simply need a bit of help extricating themselves from those situations."

The concept was a simple one: Enable iPhone owners to have believable alibis to excuse themselves. Partner John Stout states, "There already existed 'fake call' apps whose limitation is that they primarily offer a ringing phone and little more. We wanted to add more believable dimension and the entertainment side of the puzzle."

Brier's team at DBD International developed a menu of 23 "accomplices" who bail the user out. Once an accomplice calls, they continue to talk until the user terminates the call. Accomplices include a contractor with ADD, a French Maitre d', a family attorney, a promotional call from hell, an oriental dry cleaner calling about that stain he can't get out as well as the family members one cannot go without: mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter on a spring break and the bodily pierced son. One of the most hysterical accomplices is a call from a Nigeria statesman with a very sincere offer that will make the iPhone owner an immediate millionaire.

Just weeks after its release, cultural newspaper Volume One noted that iSoBusy was "the best-ranked application of its kind."

iSoBusy also has a Virtual Accomplice Recording Studio, the first and only fake call app enabling owners to create up to 17 original callers. Users can even change caller names and add photos of friends, family and co-workers to make the ruse as authentic as possible.

Promo codes of iSoBusy are available for editorial review purposes.

About iBeSilly: Industry leaders David Brier and John Stout spearhead iBeSilly, an iPhone app development company, whose goal it is to enrich the quality of laughter of iPhone users with entertaining and non-offensive iPhone apps. Their first app, iSoBusy has as its mission to "turn life into an elimination round."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Read Between the Lines?

I was 'redd' a Shidduch recently and whilst doing investigations aka 'calling the references', I realized something. You see, according to yours truly, when you put someone on your 'reference list', that person becomes your Personal PR Agent. This means, they obviously know you really well and will try and sell you to the caller, by saying the nicest things about you and making you sound like you're the greatest catch in the world!
So ya, I hope my references are putting me Guiness World Book 2010, but the in the meantime, the guy I was checking in to on the other hand-well, he's gotta get himself a whole new agency.
You see, I called three of his friends, not 1, not 2, THREE and not one of them seemed to get past the one word answers.
e.g ME: 'what could you tell me about him?'
REFERENCE: 'he's a nice guy'
So aside from pulling teeth..errr.answers, the guys didn't even TRY and make him sound good. In fact, one of them even told me 'he's the kinda guy who sits in the corner by himself'.
a) who says that?
b) does that mean he's a loner, or intellectually challenged?
Obviously, my first thought was get MORE references, or find people who actually KNOW and LIKE the guy.
OR am I just supposed to read between the lines and wish him adios?

Not Your Typical Shidduch Date...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

At a tea party last week, I was volunteering with writing receipts when my friend and her mom showed up. It's rather a cute story actually. They got to the table and start looking though the prize book. I was catching up on the latest, when her mother asks which prize she wanted to put money in for. Well, being that us single gals don't have a need for long fur coats, or refrigerators stocked with food, children clothes, toys, etc. she waved her hand and told her mother-whatever you decide is great.
I saw her mother eyeing the page with the kitchen aids and told her that I am soo lucky, that I already have everything I need, all I'm missin is my guy. You see, I explained to her, my grandmother already got me pots & pans (sitting in the basement), a leichter (sitting in my basement), a tiara and veil (sitting in my basement), etc. We laughed so hard, until her mother goes 'aha-I'm buying you pots and pans, atleast you can have them when you're married'.
Just goes to show-a 'yiddishe mama' is always planning ahead!

Webcam Dating

Recently, there have been advertisements, as well as articles regarding this new 'Jewish webcam thing' called "Shidduchvision".
Of course, being single myself, I've had to give my opinion on the matter, as people I know have been all about the 'you know, I was reading the Yated this week, and they had this advertisemnt about this new dating service through webcam-it seems like such a good idea-did you ever think of trying it out?" So ya, it's been 'the buzz' around town and I was realy thinking about the concept.
I read up about the details-the stuff they have in fineprint that most people don't see the first time round and here's the scoop:
1. you meet in a 'registered shadchan's house', meaning you can't do the webcam thing from the privacy of your own home computer/laptop/netbook.
2. you are not allowed more than 3 webcam 'meetings' with the same person, as they don't want you to rely only on dating digital, rather after 3 dates, you can decide if you want to pursue dating the same peson, meaning-actually getting off your rear and traveling down
3. there are 10 minute intervals between each session, so that the person having a webcam date before you, can leave and still retain his/her privacy
4. the date is set to 50 minutes per webcam session. so no going over the set time...
Would you 'digitally date' rather than date the old fashioned way?

Whaddaya think?

Another question for all of you out there-more like an out-of-towner's opinion.
If you were 'redd' a Shidduch and the only likelihood of you being able to travel to meet in the next 2 weeks was, if you took the long way (car, bus, van) and because you will be spending most of your time driving there and back, only have 1 whole day to date them-do you think that's fair enough for the person you will be dating and fair to yourself? Especially since the 'given' is that when you travel from out of town, it's a 2 date thing (unless something goes awfully wrong). But really, its more like you're spending more than half the time traveling and therefore you only have one full day to date.
what would you do?

It's a Shidduch!

Thanks to all of you for your comments-I now have the iphone 3GS and am absolutely lovin it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I know it's been a while since my last blog entry, but I was having issues with internet and stuff. HOWEVER, rest assured, that I'm BACK IN ACTION so the past week's blog entries will be uploaded shorly.
Thanks for bearing with me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Desert Life

So, back to the drawing board again. By that I mean, that my dating life has become like a desert=all dried up and just sand blowing in the wind. A few cactus (aka annoying 'prickly' shadchanim) here and there but other than that-its DEAD land.

Back to the drawing board=calling Shadchanim, bugging people, or more like BEGGING people to take in interest in me. I have to admit, I hate doing this. Even my parents make calls and it bothers me. Like these shadchanim don't really know me, yet, I have to sorta 'sell myself' to them, sound all good, etc. and convince them that out-of-town doesn't mean alaska!

Then, if I'm lucky enough to actually get THROUGH to speak to the Shadchan themself, I havta remind them of who I am, wait until they 'find my file at the bottom of their pile', then fax my information again, or email my information with a picture, etc.

Lemme tell you it's frustrating enough to finally speak to someone and when you do and they tell you to send your info for the umpteenth time-it's even more upsetting.

and then what? you think they all start calling you back? forget about it. The information you send gets lost in their email/fax/piles/binder and in 3 months time, it's back to making phonecalls.

Recently the following happened to me: I was making phonecalls for an organization reminding women in the community about a function that was taking place the following day. I call this one lady and she goes 'who am I speaking to?' so I give her my name (I know her, she knows me, but that's as good as it gets) and she goes-oh! would you go out with someone who is 5"5? and I'm thinking-pay attention woman-I'm calling about a function-if you have somethin in mind, call me on my own time at my house number, etc. Now-a little background info on this woman. She 'considers' herself a Shadchan, but the way she works is, she bumps into you, sees you are 'still single' and then 'suddenly has this GREAT idea'. She'll bug you 3 days after that and then suddenly you don't hear from her AT ALL, until the next time you meet at the local grocery store-or in my case, make a phonecall. Anyway, I told her she can't just ask me based on height-like how about telling me about the guy first? To make a long story short-B"H the function took place 2.5 weeks ago and I haven't heard from her since, B"H. So until next time, I'm good to go.

So if you think you're the only one in deadsville with the occasional cactus or so-think of me and this lady!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make This Shidduch!

Gotcha by the title, huh? ok, this really isn't literally what it sounds like.
Here's the deal: I'm getting a new phone and the choice is the Blackberry Bold or the iPhone 3GS. I checked a few sites to compare but there are not 'pros or cons', just 'personal taste' and whatever the 'customer prefers'. So, I'm leaving it up to you, fellow blogreaders, to help me decide which one to get.
I need YOU, to hook me up with the Right One!

Please comment and if you have either of these phones, lemme know the good, bad and ugly.

Basically, I'm going to be using it for the following features:
a) phone (duh!)
b) email
c) texting
d) camera
e) ringtones

i know both the Blackberry and iPhone have built in cameras that are great, both have SD cards for ringtones, songs, etc. and both have phone and email feature. but which is better?

Also, currently I have a Sony Ericsson K790, its thick, but it fell so many times and never ONCE broke. The camera feature is AMAZING-and I have 580 pix stored on it, not to mention the videos, songs, etc.

One last thing in this quest for the right 'shidduch' between me and 'the smartphone'-when i receive emails, i want it to let me know, and not the kinda thing that I have to click on messages, then click send and receive and only when i go into the message icon, will I retrieve messages...

ok guys, that's it.

Let the comments begin!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seeing with Sunglasses

Today's blog is brought to you in part by, my friend Ahuva-who suggested I post this.

So in all of honesty, I started my blog entry this morning, by writing how my dating life lately has been eerily quiet and with nothing happening (aside from the 'nudging neighbors and well-wishers) having to get things moving by making phonecalls, etc. The point of the post was basically to rant about the 'system' and the nuisance an frustration of calling shadchanim, actually getting through to the shadchan, only to have them lose your information and you send it again, and they have to look 'at the bottom of their pile,' etc.
Yes folks, I said it, I was seriously FED UP! Annoyed with sending my information by fax, email and speaking to people, reminding them of who I am, what I'm looking for, giving over my measurements, etc.
However this is to prove to all of you that is pays to be patient-AND WAIT! before you jump ahead of yourself, I'm not engaged (yet-hehe), not even close, not even dating someone, but it's all worth it to just wait a little bit.
You see, as of this morning, when I was typing up my blog entry and explaining how it was all pointless making the phonecalls, sending the emails, etc. I was just being negative about the situation, being that I've been in the shidduch system for so long and I know how things take forever and nothing goes quickly, so I was soo use to things being this way that I couldn't see it any other way. But today, ladies & gents, I was proved wrong. Yes, today, less than 24 hours after emailing my information to a NEW shadchan, whom I didn't even speak with, let alone meet, or even send a picture-today this new shadchan already emailed me back with a list of approx. 20 boys who fit the category of what I'm looking for.
Yes, I say this honestly to you all. Less than a day after my initial mail, I received an email back with a list of names, not even initials, but full names, ages, cities, schools, yeshivas, background, personality, what they are looking for, etc. for me to look through and decide if any of these bachelors would be of interest.
So, as Ahuva said, I had to take off my sunglasses and see the light. See that not everyone is about taking it slow, or about not speaking to you, or not working with out-of-towners, etc. Not everyone is rude, mean, slow, etc. There are some good people out there, people who dedicate themselves to helping others. People who you literally might not even know, yet give you information upfront, that's accurate and up to date.
Whilst I can look at this small story and say-WOW! I LOVE email! It's quick, efficient, gets the job done without the nuisance of a phone, etc. I must blame this one entirely on this Shadchan and at how quick she seems to be getting the job done.
Lesson learned-it's worth it to wait. People might just surprise you :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Article on Aish

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this article on Aish....
Thought it might be appropriate to post it here.