Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make This Shidduch!

Gotcha by the title, huh? ok, this really isn't literally what it sounds like.
Here's the deal: I'm getting a new phone and the choice is the Blackberry Bold or the iPhone 3GS. I checked a few sites to compare but there are not 'pros or cons', just 'personal taste' and whatever the 'customer prefers'. So, I'm leaving it up to you, fellow blogreaders, to help me decide which one to get.
I need YOU, to hook me up with the Right One!

Please comment and if you have either of these phones, lemme know the good, bad and ugly.

Basically, I'm going to be using it for the following features:
a) phone (duh!)
b) email
c) texting
d) camera
e) ringtones

i know both the Blackberry and iPhone have built in cameras that are great, both have SD cards for ringtones, songs, etc. and both have phone and email feature. but which is better?

Also, currently I have a Sony Ericsson K790, its thick, but it fell so many times and never ONCE broke. The camera feature is AMAZING-and I have 580 pix stored on it, not to mention the videos, songs, etc.

One last thing in this quest for the right 'shidduch' between me and 'the smartphone'-when i receive emails, i want it to let me know, and not the kinda thing that I have to click on messages, then click send and receive and only when i go into the message icon, will I retrieve messages...

ok guys, that's it.

Let the comments begin!


  1. if you're not using it for a lot of scheduling and planning then an iphone sounds perfect for what you listed. also, you can create ringtones for free of any song you have on your computer. let me know if you need instructions

  2. I am a proud iPhone user.

    Reasons not to take iPhone:
    1. You're currently not on AT&T - AT&T is broken because iPhone owners kill network by watching videos, browsing web and so on. It says a lot about usability of the phone - there wouldn't be such effect if phone was bad, but for out of towner like you it could be a bit of a problem to lose connection in important moments. The other fact is same thing would happen to any provider in the US if they had that many iPhones on their lines
    2. You don't plan to use internet (ha, planning and reality are too far from each other) - they make you pay $30/mo for web and you can't say no
    3. in 3G version battery lasts for about a day or less, depending how badly you use your phone. If you spend 24/6 on the phone iPhone is not for you. Supposedly 3GS (new version) has better battery but I don't have personal experience.
    4. AT&T plans suck - you have to pay a lot to have a saint amount of minutes
    5. The worst reason - everyone has it

    Reasons to get iPhone:
    1. It's got the best user interface and experience in the market - no phone was able to beat it in the past 2 years
    2. Apps - there's seriously an app for everything. Even to fart if you're shy enough to do that by yourself on a date. Except that app fart doesn't smell :(
    3. All-in-one - phone, organizer, music, movies, games, camera and so on
    4. touch keyboard is great!

  3. BTS has good points. The touch keyboard makes me miserable, but i was used to a treo's PHYSICAL keyboard

  4. Here's new blackberry 9700 review for ya:

  5. thanks stam & dude. Altho most of my friends have blackberries and have therefore become CRACKberries, I am moving towards the iphone. 32gb, video editing, movies, internet, songs-just the perks! imagine the actual phone+txt+email functionality!

  6. Welcome to club! Hope you enjoy it and never look back!