Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Desert Life

So, back to the drawing board again. By that I mean, that my dating life has become like a desert=all dried up and just sand blowing in the wind. A few cactus (aka annoying 'prickly' shadchanim) here and there but other than that-its DEAD land.

Back to the drawing board=calling Shadchanim, bugging people, or more like BEGGING people to take in interest in me. I have to admit, I hate doing this. Even my parents make calls and it bothers me. Like these shadchanim don't really know me, yet, I have to sorta 'sell myself' to them, sound all good, etc. and convince them that out-of-town doesn't mean alaska!

Then, if I'm lucky enough to actually get THROUGH to speak to the Shadchan themself, I havta remind them of who I am, wait until they 'find my file at the bottom of their pile', then fax my information again, or email my information with a picture, etc.

Lemme tell you it's frustrating enough to finally speak to someone and when you do and they tell you to send your info for the umpteenth time-it's even more upsetting.

and then what? you think they all start calling you back? forget about it. The information you send gets lost in their email/fax/piles/binder and in 3 months time, it's back to making phonecalls.

Recently the following happened to me: I was making phonecalls for an organization reminding women in the community about a function that was taking place the following day. I call this one lady and she goes 'who am I speaking to?' so I give her my name (I know her, she knows me, but that's as good as it gets) and she goes-oh! would you go out with someone who is 5"5? and I'm thinking-pay attention woman-I'm calling about a function-if you have somethin in mind, call me on my own time at my house number, etc. Now-a little background info on this woman. She 'considers' herself a Shadchan, but the way she works is, she bumps into you, sees you are 'still single' and then 'suddenly has this GREAT idea'. She'll bug you 3 days after that and then suddenly you don't hear from her AT ALL, until the next time you meet at the local grocery store-or in my case, make a phonecall. Anyway, I told her she can't just ask me based on height-like how about telling me about the guy first? To make a long story short-B"H the function took place 2.5 weeks ago and I haven't heard from her since, B"H. So until next time, I'm good to go.

So if you think you're the only one in deadsville with the occasional cactus or so-think of me and this lady!


  1. Well we have so many frum single bloggers of both genders and all ages - why not to make a simple jblogdate event and just match each to other?

  2. What happened with the amazing 20 boy shadchan? No joy?

    I'm also in the Sahara, so to speak. We gals should band our self-pity together and heckle some so-called "shadchanim." TP their houses?

    If you know that this woman has the attention span of a flea, then chap while you can, cause she'll forget you. Unless she's been setting you up with duds.

  3. Data-i sent u her details to the email u posted. Try her out...we're still in contact.
    Dude with Hat-I wouldn't try to start a jblogdate as there are so many other online jewish dating, e.g. sawyouatsinai, frumster, futuresimchas, etc.

  4. Look - those sites are too crowded and how many successful results have you heard from frum community?
    This one would be limited to blogers who have their personal blog live and updated - there you could always find some tricky and interesting stuff and figure who are the friends of the bloger, where they have shown up (events) and how to contact the person..

  5. I meant no joy for you?

  6. Haha, I actually went out with an Alaskan boy. Needless to say, he wasn't so bright.

  7. Alaska?! that's DEF. out of town. Was he an eskimo?