Thursday, July 18, 2013


My friend Ruchie was telling me that she went to a shiur this past week where one of the featured speakers was Rabbi Paysach Krohn, who spoke on the inyan of Shidduchim. Part of his speech was to try and get people more involved in making Shidduchim and being part of the process. He explained that so many people out there know at least 'someone' or a handful of people, why not be able to help that one or maybe even a few people. Rabbi Krohn suggested that each person get 'matchcards' on which they write down the name and information of the singles they know. Each time they meet someone new, they can add a new matchcard for that new person. Eventually, they will have their own notes of info to refer to when suggesting that someone in the future. Whether it be 'shidduch meetings' or speaking with friends, comparing cards, or 'trading cards', eventually when a match is suggested the matchcards can be put together in a 'matchbox' (get it? MATCH box) and so on and so forth.
Cute idea, good point.
It doesn't have to be through professionals, specific websites, 'shadchanim' or groups, anyone has the power within them to just make a suggestion, just give a push, just a thought or even a good word (if called for as a reference), it is HASHEM who is mizaveg zivugim and we are only the shliach (if we are so zoche to be).
May we each be lucky enough to have if not one, than numerous matchboxes. That way atleast we can say we tried :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Resume Rant

Once again I'm gonna post my extreme annoyance at the whole résumé issue. There never used to be a résumé and I remember when people would actually pick up a phone, speak to you in person and wait while you wrote down the info given. In today's day and age no one had the patience to make/take a call, or even type a quick (intro) email. It's just a FW: and the attachment (which at most is the bottom basics or 5 lines and some references). 
My newfound nuisance is due to a shadchan with whom I recently had upset. It seemed to him that after he sent my résumé out to a few guys that I appear to be too frum. In reality, he explained, when he met me/spoke with me, he got the impression that I was frum but more 'cool' and with it. I didn't get exactly what he was playing at. Was he sending my résumé out to more modern type boys or was there a miscommunication? He explained that perhaps it was due to my résumé (which, over the years was cut so short and kept so basic-as per certain people's requirements). I couldn't understand what he was referring to until he said that I included my Hebrew birthday and my Hebrew name. 
Obvious thought: duh!
Most people have issues with names, aka girl had same name as mom, boy same name as dad, so they ask for the full name of the single. Also my Hebrew bday happens to be on Purim, so it's just easier. 
Sheesh people! If that makes me frum (that I include my Hebrew name & bday) I wonder what makes me modern!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Displaying Affection

As a Bais Yaakov graduate, I left the school with certain teachings, certain standards and specific Mehalechs & teachings. One of those things was that married couples shouldn't show their of affection of each other in public, e.g. holding hands, hugging, etc. Of course, in high school it was never 'specifically' discussed in any classes, but it was something that wasn't mentioned to directly, yet taught that it was a 'no-no' and not really up for discussion.
Growing up in my community, it was ok, because as frum Jews, most couples keep their feelings of love for each other private, hence no worries about public displays of affection.
I do, however, have neighbours, cousins, etc. who do hold hands whilst walking down the street or who pay each other on the arm, or lean on each other, and whilst it is uncommon, with those specific people that I've seen doing those things, I guess I got used to seeing them doing their small things.
Weird part is, this week I was invited out for a Shabbos meal with a friend of mine. I don't really know who they are but my friend is family friends with them, so it wasn't weird. What did make me feel a bit odd, was the two other newly married couples eating at the table with them. One couple was all touchy feely (yes, in public, right across the table from me), they kept giving each other 'chills' up and down their arms/backs. MAJOR AWKWARD for me, sitting across from them, trying to look everywhere BUT straight ahead.
The other couple was at the other end, near my friend, and the woman was practically sitting on her husband's lap at the end of the meal. 
I'm not saying I'm sooo religious, or so frum that I've never seen this before. Yes, I watch tv & movies. I've been out on the streets and have seen much worse, but I guess I'm not accustomed to seeing Frum people like that, especially when I don't know them. It made me feel a bit strange.
I'm not sure if it's only me, or maybe because I'm single, or just because I'm not accustomed to seeing young couples displaying their affection in front of others. As much as I hate to admit it-keep it in the bedroom, or as my other friend said 'get a room'. 
Am I the only one who feels this way?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I Need in a Guy...

So I was doing my own thing at home, chillin out and enjoying my long summer day when a shadow appeared in my peripheral. I turned around but didn't see anything. I continued back to my chick lit when the shadow caught my attention again, this time moving so swiftly I couldn't tell if it was a hair blowing in my eye or something else. Knowing the girly girl scaredy cat in me-I panicked in case it was an insect and jumped up on my bed. Sure enough I see this weird dull colored thing moving like the speed of lightning across my room. I shrieked so loud, I probably woke the dead, but my brother came to my rescue. He smacked the thing so hard it was scary. Me, though? I couldn't sleep the entire evening just thinking about how ugly that thing was and in case it had any friends or family living nearby.
Newly discovered necessity in my future hubby: BUG KILLER