Thursday, July 11, 2013

Resume Rant

Once again I'm gonna post my extreme annoyance at the whole résumé issue. There never used to be a résumé and I remember when people would actually pick up a phone, speak to you in person and wait while you wrote down the info given. In today's day and age no one had the patience to make/take a call, or even type a quick (intro) email. It's just a FW: and the attachment (which at most is the bottom basics or 5 lines and some references). 
My newfound nuisance is due to a shadchan with whom I recently had upset. It seemed to him that after he sent my résumé out to a few guys that I appear to be too frum. In reality, he explained, when he met me/spoke with me, he got the impression that I was frum but more 'cool' and with it. I didn't get exactly what he was playing at. Was he sending my résumé out to more modern type boys or was there a miscommunication? He explained that perhaps it was due to my résumé (which, over the years was cut so short and kept so basic-as per certain people's requirements). I couldn't understand what he was referring to until he said that I included my Hebrew birthday and my Hebrew name. 
Obvious thought: duh!
Most people have issues with names, aka girl had same name as mom, boy same name as dad, so they ask for the full name of the single. Also my Hebrew bday happens to be on Purim, so it's just easier. 
Sheesh people! If that makes me frum (that I include my Hebrew name & bday) I wonder what makes me modern!


  1. Modern: Putting in the song that was #1 on the day you were born onto the resume.

  2. You can never bloody win. A proper shadchan is one who will CALL (not email) and SELL. That is why is supposedly given a commission; she's earned it. And not everyone is a PROPER shadchan. Someone who just forwards emails is not being very helpful.

    In the end, my siblings and quite alot of people that I know married because a person who KNEW them both, not their email addresses, set them up. I'm hinging on that.

  3. 20+ years ago I did not understand people who refused to go to shadchanim; I now understand those people and agree with them.