Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I Need in a Guy...

So I was doing my own thing at home, chillin out and enjoying my long summer day when a shadow appeared in my peripheral. I turned around but didn't see anything. I continued back to my chick lit when the shadow caught my attention again, this time moving so swiftly I couldn't tell if it was a hair blowing in my eye or something else. Knowing the girly girl scaredy cat in me-I panicked in case it was an insect and jumped up on my bed. Sure enough I see this weird dull colored thing moving like the speed of lightning across my room. I shrieked so loud, I probably woke the dead, but my brother came to my rescue. He smacked the thing so hard it was scary. Me, though? I couldn't sleep the entire evening just thinking about how ugly that thing was and in case it had any friends or family living nearby.
Newly discovered necessity in my future hubby: BUG KILLER


  1. My sister married an exterminator!

    He hated the business; exposure to dangerous chemicals, exposure to pests, odd work hours (auper early or super late), and lots of travelling. It broke him, unfortunately.

  2. Ha, I just saw that joke this morning:

    Seeing a spider isn't a problem. It becomes a problem when it disappears.