Thursday, June 27, 2013

No one wants to be a 'nebach' case

My friend's sister got married last week. Her young sister. Of course I was there and of course my peripheral was on alert as people would glance in her direction. What am I thinking? I'm in the same boat. We are the same age. Her sister that got married is 6 years her junior. They must be glaring at her with the obvious pity in their eyes, only to notice me talking to her-another "older" single girl not married, 'oy, nebach'. 
It got worse as people passed her on the dance floor and grabbed her arm, gave her the 'back rub' and then wished her to be the next. Or the Brachos or the 'one Simcha will bring another' lines. 
I felt so bad for her, yet we were at a wedding. Her sister's wedding. In reality it must be painful knowing she is left behind, but at the same time, she does/did not want their pity. She wanted to kick off her heels and dance up a storm. She wanted to enjoy the moment and forget for hose few hours about the situation and truly enjoy the music. 
So I did what any good friend would do-I pulled her away from those women, the lookers, the backrubbers & well-wishers. I went to the band requested a crazy loud & upbeat song, and we danced until we couldn't breathe. 
Then we had a drink at the bar...

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