Monday, June 17, 2013

If the Boy Interested?

Thought y'all would appreciate the following:
I got an email last week with a Shidduch resume of a boy who literally lives in Yehupitsville. 
Lucky for me, I actually have one friend who lives in the same small town across the world (no, it ain't Waikiki). 
I call up the Shadchan and explain that before I contact this friend and start making calls, I just want to understand if the fact that she emailed me his resume means that he is interested and already gave a 'yes' or if she is sending it as a preliminary to see if this is something I would consider, before even approaching the guy. This was her response:
"SOS-of course he is interested-he just asked for a resume and photo first"
Keep in mind folks-this is guy lives in Far Far Away land and different timezone and has to book a (really expensive) flight to even get anywhere near a date, so when I received the response, I was a bit weary. He is interested but needs information?!?!?!?! How does that even work? He knows absolutely nothing about me-just my name, and that I'm a frum single and he sounds interested? There must be no gals in Yehupitsville....


  1. Wait. Shes' a female? Yes, I want her. NOW!

  2. These sort of things work both ways. There are preconditions guys set which theyre assured were met only to find out once meeting the girl that the shadchan figured "if they met first things would work themselves out" Case in point: girls who want to marry a working guy (from out of town) and do not expect to move / are in school and are unable to move. The first question I ask is if the girl is able to move / is in school. It has happened to me twice that the shadchan swore she asked and everything was fine only for me to find out after one date that the girl was stuck in NY for another year or two. Utter waste of my time and money.