Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

OK, call me obsessed-everyone else already is! But I am OBSESSED with this whole Royal wedding business. Every online article, newspaper article, magazine talks about it, the radio, news, etc. is 100% royal wedding and being that I'm a single, searching for my fairytale, it just makes me excited.
That, and that fact that I'll be watching history, be PART of history, can tell people, I woke up early morning to watch the Royals get married!!!
There's the wedding gowns, then the outfits, the famous people, celebrities, etc. I'm just seriously psyched about it.
Atleast someone finally gets to tie the knot with their 'prince' charming. Oh, and did I mention the afterparty with the disco balls and featuring my favorite music (as well as Kates)-ABBA :)

So, if you wanna watch it live, go to the Royal Wedding Channel, by clicking here:

Mazel Tov!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Limited Editions

Whilst chewing on some licorice (yay! there actually still IS chametz nosh around here) I had the following epiphany. I figured out how to phrase my reasoning in my search for my future hubby.
You see, most Shadchanim aka pushypeople, aka yenta yachnes aka INURFACE people-who-don't get-the-hint-when-you-say-no will try and continue to convince some of us singles that what we are looking for doesn't exist-hence the reason for us (still) being single.
Each time I get told, it just gets me more angry. Duh! I'm single because I haven't found my Bashert yet, who are YOU to give me a specific reason? Seriously?! who ARE these people who keep telling us what we are looking for DOESN'T exist. It seems there are lotsa girls I know, who all married the 'type' I'm looking for, so obviously they DO exist.

So here's the problem aka 'what I'm looking for' (which they say doesn't exist): I'm looking for a nice guy, a mentch, with a great smile, lotsa personality, frum, black hat, goes to a shiur each day/night and works or is in school-whatever as long as it is something he's doing that he enjoys (hopefully), y'know the old fashioned 'Torah im Derech Eretz'. Not too extremist in any sorta category and is open-minded and doesn't freak out when I say FM radio/internet/tv, etc.

Here's my newly founded response when they say it doesn't exist-which by the way, now that I think about it-i can send them databases of guys like that=I dated loads of them...anyway...
'You see, everyone is out there, searching for a mate. Most, (as is claimed) are looking for learning boys. Either 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years-whatever so long as they are learning. It is pretty common out there and there are so many yeshivos/kollelim, so there are lots of guys to go around. I, on the other hand, am not looking for the 'usual' (so is claimed) guy, I'm looking for the old-fashioned type, or as I like to say a 'collectors item' sort aka a limited edition. We all know limited editions are more special and therefore harder to find. They're definitely out there, just few and far between and there is a high price to pay for limited editions, as usually they are kept in great condition (anyone say 6pack? jk)'.

So, ya, Mrs. Shadchan-I'm looking for a limited edition, keep your common(ers) for the other girls out there!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

BEWARE: Texting Typos!

I had a 'situation' and so I am here to warn you all about it, in hopes that none of you ever unintentionally embarass yourselves as I did.
Here's what happened: I was texting this guy that I was dating-about our upcoming date. Just basics of where and when it would be good timing. He texted me back-but being that he's a sarcastic guy AND that Pesach is like in a bit over a week-I wasn't sure if he was serious or kidding about the timing, so I texted back a mere few words: 'seriously? were u kiddin me?'
However, I didn't bother rereading my text before I sent it-why should I? He was the only one texting me at that point during those few minutes, so I knew it was going to him and what could be harmful about 3 words.
Except: to my horror, I saw that my finger hit the 's' which is so conveniently placed next to the letter 'd' on my beautiful iPhone touchpad. So I asked him if he was kissing me. Ya, it's really no big deal as we ALL KNEW that's not what I meant. Except, he's a guy, and he's goin out with me, so I assume he's interested-also he's the type to make a deal about it. So ya, I only came to the realization of my typo when he asked me what I was really thinking and what was really on my mind (insert silent scream here).
OKEE ladies & gents-I had to do some major damage control here, but be warned peoples-even amazing iPhones can only spell check and not grammatically read your mind to change the words around-after all 'kiss' is a proper word, spelled correctly.
And for you saps-NO, I was NOT thinking about that at all....atleast not yet (sigh)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just to SHOW they KNOW

My friend Shaindy was on a date a this week and the guy mentioned that he saw someone earlier on that day who knew her family. She was a bit taken back as she couldn't figure out who would know her and her family well enough and also know the boy, AND that they were dating (other than the shadchan). The guy went on to mention that he was having lunch with his co-worker and in walked this woman. She was staring for a while and then went over to him and his buddy and asked 'hey-aren't you so and so?'

He had met her maybe just once before in his life, so he looked up, tried to place her, and then just mumbled 'yes' and the woman smiled and walked away. He was totally confused with the whole mini conversation and just continued on with his friend, who nevertheless thought it to be weird.

A few hours later, as Shaindy made her way home to get ready for her date, this woman 'happened' to meet her and made sure to tell her that she saw this boy and she recognized him, yadayada. Not only that, this same woman then called up Shaindy's mom to tell her the same thing.

The purpose of this whole charade?! There was none folks. Just, to SHOW that she KNEW something was going on between them.

How did she know? Even Shaindy herself is still confused. But atleast they had something interesting to talk about on their date.

Yentas & Yachnas-Seriously tho. If you know=yay for you. We're so excited. Go Tweet about it on your blackberries and stuff. But no one CARES if you know. Just keep it to yourself. Then again, by doing so-you wouldn't be considered a yenta OR a Yachna, so neva mind.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

When they're NOT Welcome!

So I have this family friend, like we're REALLY close, and we get along great and everything. Probably considered more like family than friends.
In any case, recently, I've been having personal issues with this family friend, as they just 'show up' at our door whenever they feel like it. I mean, no calling before, or letting us know they're coming by for whatever reason, but just randomly popping in at any given time.
Yes, this was totally 100% fine BEFORE we began dating, but now that boy's show up at my door to come pick me up, and sometimes, because we live 'out of town' it might not always be an evening date, and can be random timing throughout the date-this causes a bit of a problem!
OK, I'm definitely not embarrassed to be seen-I'm of age, where I've been dating for a while, it's no secret, and I've been seen and have seen others while on dates so many times that I'm over it. But 'bumping' into close family friends while they're at my door and I'm leaving with a guy is DEFINITELY in my 'more awkward' category of situations.
The thing is, because we're so close and we grew up together, etc. I can't just tell them 'well, because I'm in Shidduchim, please can you try and call or let us know before you come by for whatever reason so as not to walk into you with my 'beau' for the evening' as they would seriously get insulted.
AND, to add: I don't share my personal dating experiences with this particular family friend at all. It's more like, she calls and each time she speaks with me she pries into my personal life and gets too involved.
So, how do you say, ladies & gents-I go about telling this family that they are NOT welcome whenever they wish to show up anymore?!