Sunday, April 10, 2011

BEWARE: Texting Typos!

I had a 'situation' and so I am here to warn you all about it, in hopes that none of you ever unintentionally embarass yourselves as I did.
Here's what happened: I was texting this guy that I was dating-about our upcoming date. Just basics of where and when it would be good timing. He texted me back-but being that he's a sarcastic guy AND that Pesach is like in a bit over a week-I wasn't sure if he was serious or kidding about the timing, so I texted back a mere few words: 'seriously? were u kiddin me?'
However, I didn't bother rereading my text before I sent it-why should I? He was the only one texting me at that point during those few minutes, so I knew it was going to him and what could be harmful about 3 words.
Except: to my horror, I saw that my finger hit the 's' which is so conveniently placed next to the letter 'd' on my beautiful iPhone touchpad. So I asked him if he was kissing me. Ya, it's really no big deal as we ALL KNEW that's not what I meant. Except, he's a guy, and he's goin out with me, so I assume he's interested-also he's the type to make a deal about it. So ya, I only came to the realization of my typo when he asked me what I was really thinking and what was really on my mind (insert silent scream here).
OKEE ladies & gents-I had to do some major damage control here, but be warned peoples-even amazing iPhones can only spell check and not grammatically read your mind to change the words around-after all 'kiss' is a proper word, spelled correctly.
And for you saps-NO, I was NOT thinking about that at all....atleast not yet (sigh)


  1. Oh man that's embarrassing! We've all had our fair share of embarrassing moments...
    I recently called the WRONG shadchan to give feedback about a second date I had with someone.

  2. That's what you get for using vulgar texting technology. Don't complain that romance is dead-you're part of its decline.

    And here's the requisite :)

  3. Proofread, proofread, proofread! That is why English teachers are begging you to proofread!


  4. Ouuuch but at least he took it well.