Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just to SHOW they KNOW

My friend Shaindy was on a date a this week and the guy mentioned that he saw someone earlier on that day who knew her family. She was a bit taken back as she couldn't figure out who would know her and her family well enough and also know the boy, AND that they were dating (other than the shadchan). The guy went on to mention that he was having lunch with his co-worker and in walked this woman. She was staring for a while and then went over to him and his buddy and asked 'hey-aren't you so and so?'

He had met her maybe just once before in his life, so he looked up, tried to place her, and then just mumbled 'yes' and the woman smiled and walked away. He was totally confused with the whole mini conversation and just continued on with his friend, who nevertheless thought it to be weird.

A few hours later, as Shaindy made her way home to get ready for her date, this woman 'happened' to meet her and made sure to tell her that she saw this boy and she recognized him, yadayada. Not only that, this same woman then called up Shaindy's mom to tell her the same thing.

The purpose of this whole charade?! There was none folks. Just, to SHOW that she KNEW something was going on between them.

How did she know? Even Shaindy herself is still confused. But atleast they had something interesting to talk about on their date.

Yentas & Yachnas-Seriously tho. If you know=yay for you. We're so excited. Go Tweet about it on your blackberries and stuff. But no one CARES if you know. Just keep it to yourself. Then again, by doing so-you wouldn't be considered a yenta OR a Yachna, so neva mind.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. "I know something! Oooh, oooh!"

    Is self-control dead?