Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

OK, call me obsessed-everyone else already is! But I am OBSESSED with this whole Royal wedding business. Every online article, newspaper article, magazine talks about it, the radio, news, etc. is 100% royal wedding and being that I'm a single, searching for my fairytale, it just makes me excited.
That, and that fact that I'll be watching history, be PART of history, can tell people, I woke up early morning to watch the Royals get married!!!
There's the wedding gowns, then the outfits, the famous people, celebrities, etc. I'm just seriously psyched about it.
Atleast someone finally gets to tie the knot with their 'prince' charming. Oh, and did I mention the afterparty with the disco balls and featuring my favorite music (as well as Kates)-ABBA :)

So, if you wanna watch it live, go to the Royal Wedding Channel, by clicking here:

Mazel Tov!


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  3. Royal Wedding it more reference for this kind of business? Thanks for your help :D