Thursday, July 18, 2013


My friend Ruchie was telling me that she went to a shiur this past week where one of the featured speakers was Rabbi Paysach Krohn, who spoke on the inyan of Shidduchim. Part of his speech was to try and get people more involved in making Shidduchim and being part of the process. He explained that so many people out there know at least 'someone' or a handful of people, why not be able to help that one or maybe even a few people. Rabbi Krohn suggested that each person get 'matchcards' on which they write down the name and information of the singles they know. Each time they meet someone new, they can add a new matchcard for that new person. Eventually, they will have their own notes of info to refer to when suggesting that someone in the future. Whether it be 'shidduch meetings' or speaking with friends, comparing cards, or 'trading cards', eventually when a match is suggested the matchcards can be put together in a 'matchbox' (get it? MATCH box) and so on and so forth.
Cute idea, good point.
It doesn't have to be through professionals, specific websites, 'shadchanim' or groups, anyone has the power within them to just make a suggestion, just give a push, just a thought or even a good word (if called for as a reference), it is HASHEM who is mizaveg zivugim and we are only the shliach (if we are so zoche to be).
May we each be lucky enough to have if not one, than numerous matchboxes. That way atleast we can say we tried :)


  1. Back in the old days there was this thing called a Rolodex...

  2. A heimishe gal like you should know that's how it used to be. Shadchanim nowadays may have some success, but they aren't magicians. Dating used to be having a mutual acquaintance who knew two people and based on what they knew of the person, not the piece of paper emailed to them, tried to set them up. And the daters weren't so gun-shy after so many bad dates that they actually went out without calling Mars for a reference.

    You don't have to be a shadchan to be a shadchan.

  3. One shadchan told me the biggest problems are
    short boys and fat girls.
    Given current technology, short men can’t become taller,
    but fat girls could become thinner.