Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seeing with Sunglasses

Today's blog is brought to you in part by, my friend Ahuva-who suggested I post this.

So in all of honesty, I started my blog entry this morning, by writing how my dating life lately has been eerily quiet and with nothing happening (aside from the 'nudging neighbors and well-wishers) having to get things moving by making phonecalls, etc. The point of the post was basically to rant about the 'system' and the nuisance an frustration of calling shadchanim, actually getting through to the shadchan, only to have them lose your information and you send it again, and they have to look 'at the bottom of their pile,' etc.
Yes folks, I said it, I was seriously FED UP! Annoyed with sending my information by fax, email and speaking to people, reminding them of who I am, what I'm looking for, giving over my measurements, etc.
However this is to prove to all of you that is pays to be patient-AND WAIT! before you jump ahead of yourself, I'm not engaged (yet-hehe), not even close, not even dating someone, but it's all worth it to just wait a little bit.
You see, as of this morning, when I was typing up my blog entry and explaining how it was all pointless making the phonecalls, sending the emails, etc. I was just being negative about the situation, being that I've been in the shidduch system for so long and I know how things take forever and nothing goes quickly, so I was soo use to things being this way that I couldn't see it any other way. But today, ladies & gents, I was proved wrong. Yes, today, less than 24 hours after emailing my information to a NEW shadchan, whom I didn't even speak with, let alone meet, or even send a picture-today this new shadchan already emailed me back with a list of approx. 20 boys who fit the category of what I'm looking for.
Yes, I say this honestly to you all. Less than a day after my initial mail, I received an email back with a list of names, not even initials, but full names, ages, cities, schools, yeshivas, background, personality, what they are looking for, etc. for me to look through and decide if any of these bachelors would be of interest.
So, as Ahuva said, I had to take off my sunglasses and see the light. See that not everyone is about taking it slow, or about not speaking to you, or not working with out-of-towners, etc. Not everyone is rude, mean, slow, etc. There are some good people out there, people who dedicate themselves to helping others. People who you literally might not even know, yet give you information upfront, that's accurate and up to date.
Whilst I can look at this small story and say-WOW! I LOVE email! It's quick, efficient, gets the job done without the nuisance of a phone, etc. I must blame this one entirely on this Shadchan and at how quick she seems to be getting the job done.
Lesson learned-it's worth it to wait. People might just surprise you :)


  1. wow - a GIRL getting a list? that's practically unheard of - this shadchan deserves major brachas.

  2. Fork over this shadchan's contact info. Cause this I have never experienced.

  3. What's your email addy? I'll send you her info


    It's my decoy email; no offense, but I'm a little antsy about putting my primary out there.


  5. You may want to post shadchan's contact information here so other interested femails can contact him. I guess males should contact him too so he has longer lists and more work :)

  6. @MM - didn't make sense to me at first either but then I've read SotS's comment - this shadchan is she so she does choosing of the guy by a girl and not otherwise :)