Sunday, November 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

At a tea party last week, I was volunteering with writing receipts when my friend and her mom showed up. It's rather a cute story actually. They got to the table and start looking though the prize book. I was catching up on the latest, when her mother asks which prize she wanted to put money in for. Well, being that us single gals don't have a need for long fur coats, or refrigerators stocked with food, children clothes, toys, etc. she waved her hand and told her mother-whatever you decide is great.
I saw her mother eyeing the page with the kitchen aids and told her that I am soo lucky, that I already have everything I need, all I'm missin is my guy. You see, I explained to her, my grandmother already got me pots & pans (sitting in the basement), a leichter (sitting in my basement), a tiara and veil (sitting in my basement), etc. We laughed so hard, until her mother goes 'aha-I'm buying you pots and pans, atleast you can have them when you're married'.
Just goes to show-a 'yiddishe mama' is always planning ahead!


  1. I own pots, pans, glasses, dishes, paintings (for decor) as well as any outfit needed (l'chaim, sheva brachos, you name it).

    I just can't walk away from a good deal.

  2. Data-you never fail to crack me up! lol!

  3. My mother poached my challah board though. And I'm eyeing her discarded eternity band.