Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Read Between the Lines?

I was 'redd' a Shidduch recently and whilst doing investigations aka 'calling the references', I realized something. You see, according to yours truly, when you put someone on your 'reference list', that person becomes your Personal PR Agent. This means, they obviously know you really well and will try and sell you to the caller, by saying the nicest things about you and making you sound like you're the greatest catch in the world!
So ya, I hope my references are putting me Guiness World Book 2010, but the in the meantime, the guy I was checking in to on the other hand-well, he's gotta get himself a whole new agency.
You see, I called three of his friends, not 1, not 2, THREE and not one of them seemed to get past the one word answers.
e.g ME: 'what could you tell me about him?'
REFERENCE: 'he's a nice guy'
So aside from pulling teeth..errr.answers, the guys didn't even TRY and make him sound good. In fact, one of them even told me 'he's the kinda guy who sits in the corner by himself'.
a) who says that?
b) does that mean he's a loner, or intellectually challenged?
Obviously, my first thought was get MORE references, or find people who actually KNOW and LIKE the guy.
OR am I just supposed to read between the lines and wish him adios?


  1. Join him in the corner, it may be nice there. Also if you want only goof references call his grand mother

  2. I don't bother with references. I just go on the date. That can go well or badly, but that's the same result, references or no references.

    As long as he hasn't been on America's Most Wanted.

  3. I think references are a bit of a waste of sounds too much like arranging a business meeting than your love life. Just my 2 cents.