Sunday, November 22, 2009

Webcam Dating

Recently, there have been advertisements, as well as articles regarding this new 'Jewish webcam thing' called "Shidduchvision".
Of course, being single myself, I've had to give my opinion on the matter, as people I know have been all about the 'you know, I was reading the Yated this week, and they had this advertisemnt about this new dating service through webcam-it seems like such a good idea-did you ever think of trying it out?" So ya, it's been 'the buzz' around town and I was realy thinking about the concept.
I read up about the details-the stuff they have in fineprint that most people don't see the first time round and here's the scoop:
1. you meet in a 'registered shadchan's house', meaning you can't do the webcam thing from the privacy of your own home computer/laptop/netbook.
2. you are not allowed more than 3 webcam 'meetings' with the same person, as they don't want you to rely only on dating digital, rather after 3 dates, you can decide if you want to pursue dating the same peson, meaning-actually getting off your rear and traveling down
3. there are 10 minute intervals between each session, so that the person having a webcam date before you, can leave and still retain his/her privacy
4. the date is set to 50 minutes per webcam session. so no going over the set time...
Would you 'digitally date' rather than date the old fashioned way?