Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can YOU do Better?

I was listening to the radio this afternoon when I heard the announcer talking about this website. She described it to be similar to the 'hot or not' voting polls.
Basically, people upload their pix as well as a photo of their date and anyone can scroll through the pix and vote whether either party can do better. Of course, curious person that I am, I went to the site to check it out. I was sorta surprised that there were numerous people who had uploaded their photos as well as the photos of their dates. Perhaps even more surprising was the oddlooking couples.
That really got me thinkin. Can someone REALLY rate a date (hey that rhymes!) just by looking at their photos?
Yes, we live in a society where most things are based on physicalities and physical attraction IS a main part of relationships and in this day and age when most boys ask for girls to send photos before giving a 'yes' or 'no' to a date, but who are we to say that someone can do better than what they have? ESPECIALLY based on not knowing the person and just by looking at them.
I'm guilty-I do that quite often, especially when I might be sitting in a lounge, waiting for my date to come back from the bathroom and I look around at the other Jewish singles dating in the room and think 'now how did THEY get set up with each other?' or 'wow! who woulda thought THAT one up?'
Besides, if people go around thinking, what if I can do better-then they wouldn't be able to settle down as they would always be looking for someone better! I guess that's how the site remains running....

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  1. There are many ways to classify leagues. For instance, if one of the photos was Bill Gates, would I say he's not of anyone's league? He's got a lot of moolah. Now he's in.

    If bank accounts and jobs were added to the photo, that would make things more accurate.

    The other day I was thinking of a couple and what an odd match it was. Not because the wife is bad looking, but because she has no personality. If someone is bad looking but a sparkling wit, I could understand. But out for two? That I don't get. I suppose that's why we leave it to God.