Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why can't there be frum Ryan Reynoldss?

Have you seen the news? I mean, to me its not surprising, just another reality check.
I've been watching his movies for a while now, laughing along with him, or laughing at him. Mostly the romantic comedies-in which he always plays the 'guy-next-door' type who ends up getting the girl.
And, EVERY time I watch a movie, it always ends in a sigh and the usual comment 'why can't there be a Jewish Ryan Reynolds?' I mean, I like-LOVE his sense-of-humor, I enjoy his acting and he cracks me up. He's easy on the eyes and doesn't seem full of himself-AND he's an out-of-towner (he's from Canada), which probably explains why he's not full of himself....
So, here's a shout out for anyone who knows someone even remotely similar in personality and humor to Ryan, just a FRUM it here...we can make a Shidduch :)

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