Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's the BIG Deal?

I don't get it. No really, I just DON'T get it! Why are girls so secretive and competitive and all 'weird' when it comes to dating. I mean obviously, everyone has their own personal lives and that's cool and nothing has to be public knowledge. But why is it that some of my friends, girls I grew up with, girls I got to know really well, girls that just by the way they answer the phone-you KNOW if they had a bad, or good day, why are these girls shutting us, their friends, outta the picture?
Personally, my close friends usually know when I have a date, cuz I give them advanced notice of the fact that I can't go out with them that night, or tell them which places to avoid going so I don't bump into them or just becuz, we're close enough that I can be open with them and they don't hound me with 20 questions and/or get upset with me that I have a date and they don't.
On the other hand, there are those friends, who won't say anything. I'm cool with that, I understand where they are coming from and yes, maybe they might be those who get hurt when others yap about their dating life and these girls might not have much of a dating life, so it can be hurtful. I keep my dating life private from these friends.
But the ones who make a BIG deal. Who harass you when you don't answer your phone, or respond to a text within 10 minutes, the ones who found out, or assumed that you're dating and then avoid you for weeks, or the ones who call you EVERY single (or every other) day and complain about shidduchim and then BAM-you don't hear from them, they disappear, only for you to find out a week later that they actually were dating and that's why (duh!) they haven't been complaining to you lately. Only, they won't be the ones calling to tell you they dated, you find out some other way.
I'm curious to know how it works with guys. Is it that stick of a situation with you as well?

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