Saturday, October 9, 2010

See it for Yourself!

A friend of mine was 'redd' to this guy a few months ago. She looked into it and the guy was totally not her type. She called back the woman and thanked her anyway.
The woman was very persistent in this shidduch and didn't want to take 'no' for an answer. She kept pushing and calling every so often, but my friend wouldn't budge, from her decision. She wasn't interested in that kind of boy and she wasn't going to waste anyones time.
The woman was obviously upset at not being able to persuade the girl. She still wasn't ready to give up on this shidduch though, so she called a lady she knew and who knew this girl as well and told her the story.
Of course, then this other woman called my friend and tried to convince her, but to no avail.
End of story.
or so my friend thought..

A few weeks later, this same friend gets another call from a totally new person in the community, a person she truly respects and cares for. The reason for the call? you guessed it! To tell her about this boy and that she should give it a chance and what has she got to lose, etc. Even though the caller didn't even know the boy. So obviously, one of the 2 woman above called this third person to try to convince my friend.

Now, as luck would have it, a few weeks after this whole saga died down, this friend found out that the guy was in town for a wedding. She only found out cuz she was at the same wedding and happened to have walked in amongst other people (the guy with his buddies-only she didn't know who he was) and someone came to tell her that this guy is at the wedding and apparently he was redd to her months ago but nothing came to be. When someone pointed him out at the wedding, she was flabbergasted! She couldn't believe that THIS was the guy everyone was pushing her to go out with. This was the guy that 3 different people were ranting about and telling her to give it a shot! This guy was sooooo not for her. They were on 2 very different levels of yiddishkeit, to begin with. From what she saw at the wedding and the people he was friends with and hanging out with, from the way he acted and the way he looked (not looks-more like 'levush' ), there was no way she would even THINK about a guy like him.

So, after all this time, THIS was the guy they were pushing her to go out with?! Believe me, that night she was soo thankful to Hashem, that this whole 'coincidence' happened. She made it her business to tell the woman (who even though she praised him and claimed he was a great guy-was shocked to hear what kinda guy he really was) and told the respectable individual as well-who was floored!

Just goes to show-if you're able to 'check someone out' on your own-GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!

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