Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Should We Charge?

Lately I had a few calls from shadchanim, friends, family, or just randoms and asking for my CV/resume.
Ya, I know what you're thinkin: if they're family and friends, WHY do they need a resume? and if they're Shadchanim, shouldn't they already HAVE my info in the first place?
In any case, it has become the fad to just email/fax and sometimes text resumes (if urs is that short). Personally, I hate it and I think it is soooo impersonal, especially when one side knows you, grew up with you, is friends with you, etc. But hey, that's life.
So, I was thinking, perhaps us 'singles' can make a business out of it. The same way some websites charge you to be a member, or some shadchans charge money. For example: Mrs. A calls you and asks you for a resume. Here's how the fee structure would work:
to type it up from scratch: $2.50
email fee (internet cafe, cuz no one has internet): $3.00
fax fee (someone's gotta pay for fax paper and toner): $1.50
If they request a photo, you can break it down like this:
Black and white: $5.00
Color: $8.00
Closeup (not tznius b'shum oifen): $20.00
Full Length (not tznius=shows figure): $50.00
If they want everything mailed-double the price (postage, weight, printer cartridge, photo paper, photo processing)

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