Friday, October 29, 2010

Is 'Being Nice' a Reason in Itself?

Baruch Hashem, the last few guys I dated have been pretty decent. They were polite, well-mannered and just nice, good guys. However, as nice as they were, there just wasn't anything else there to work with. Personality-not really. Hashkofa-basically. Interests-not so much. Attraction-I wouldn't say ya. So, I just said ya, because these days it's hard to find a nice, decent guy. But then we would end up nowhere. Neutral territory and so by mutual agreement (and sometimes not so mutual) we would wish each other well in the future.
But, then I got thinking, do you continue going out with someone 'just cuz they're nice'? Is being nice a reason in itself to continue dating someone even if there is nothing else there to work with?
Personally, I felt bad for some of these guys as perhaps by me going out with them on another date they thought I 'felt' something or thought there was some 'shaychusness' but really, I was going out BECAUSE they were so nice, that maybe everything else would come afterwards...
In the end, IS being nice a good enough reason to continue? or should there be more to work with?

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  1. it should be enough for one or two but after that there has to be tachlis there.