Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Inspiring!

So I've been watching CNN since last night, along with millions of others around the globe and I'm still in awe, while the 29th miner is being rescued.
I mean, this is AMAZING! I'm watching history. Who can imagine, who would've even thought that this could've happened? AND so quickly? AND so smoothly? AND so far each miner walked out of that Fenix capsule with a smile on their face, and was given a clean bill of health! What a miracle! What an awesome moment, and how incredible is it that this 'event' happened in this day and age where we have the technology to have live video feed soo deep under the ground (deeper than the height of the empire state building), where the rescue workers and safety engineers can clearly communicate and see each other. Think about it? Sometimes you can't even get proper cellphone reception in your own basement-yet, these people figured out a way. A lot of research went into every little detail; from the drill, to the 'outfits' the miners wear (special glasses to make sure their retinas don't get damaged, body suits to ensure that they don't get bloodclots from the pressure), to the special liquid diets they had to go on before their rescue, to the exercises in preparation physically and psychologically, etc.
This is a TRUE 'Nes Goluy' for the whole world to see. Also, if you watch carefully, all these miners, rescuers, families who are involved are all very spiritual people-they may not believe in Hashem, but they believe there is a G-d and some prayed before, some prayed after, some were non-believers, yet this experience they went through has MADE them believe.
For us, it is obvious that his whole rescue is all part of the Masterplan, but for these people, if they didn't believe before, THEY, along with the entire world who is witnessing this historical, AWESOME, inspiring event, NOW believe!

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