Saturday, August 1, 2009

3rd Time's A Charm?

About 2 or 3 years ago, around this time of year, it was a beautiful Friday afternoon and I was relaxing at home, taking in the wonderful smell of fresh challah in the oven. I clearly remember this day, not only because it was nice, sunny, with a fresh breeze, GORGEOUS, but because of the sound of the doorbell which changed things. When I got to the door, there was a 'yeshiva bochur', teenaged boy holding a kugel in his hands. Shyly, he mumbled something at the door, handed me the kugel and left. I didn't know what this was all about, I mean, I know the boy and his family, but we're not exactly family friends, nor do we swap kugels Erev Shabbos. As I bring the kugel into the house, I notice a 'Mazel Tov' written on a sticky on top of the foil. Not knowing what to think, I show my mom and then we realize, it was probably meant for our neighbor, whose daughter just got engaged. But there is no "TO:" listed on the sticky, nor is there a name. My mom called up the lady whose son brought the kugel and apologized but mentioned that perhaps the kugel was meant for the neighbor. The lady congratulated my mom and wished her a hearty Mazel Tov. She explained that she had just come back from vacation in Israel and heard I got engaged and she was soo happy that she wanted to send over a, ya, I wasn't engaged. Not even close at the time! Poor woman was so embarassed when my mom broke the news to her. But I guess that's how rumors start.

Why am I telling you this? Simple.

This Friday night I was going for a stroll in the area when I meet a friend I haven't seen in years-literally! She comes down, smiling and we chat and catch up for a few minutes. Then she tells me that she met a little girl on the block who asked her if she knows my family. She said yes. The girl then asked her if she knows me, to which she replied-yes (we grew up together). The girl then smiles and tells her, good, because she is getting engaged. So here is my longlost friend and she is congratulating me and telling her parents. I'm soo confused and telling her this is not at all correct, when another neighbor walks over to my mother and congratulates her on her daughter's engagement, to which my mom looks at me questionably. I just shrugged.

Now, I always joke about how I'll be the last one to know I'm (getting) engaged, but seriously this is twice already....

Perhaps the third time round won't be a rumor...hopefully it'll be true and I'll actually KNOW the guy by then :)


  1. I don't get it. How did the rumor start?

  2. I have no clue....someone must've just said that I was getting engaged and BAM!

  3. Were you hanging around with a brother? My father and I have a joke that when I go somewhere with him he asks me if I think it's mares ayin, that someone will think he's my boy friend. (Mind you I am one of the younger children in the family, and my father looks pretty old for his age...)

  4. must've taken the kugel that was meant for my mother!

    Nah, just kidding.

    But some people JUST found out...five (ok, that's an exaggeration) months late.