Monday, August 24, 2009

The Art of Wearing Color

I apologize for the long delay in posting, but my week has been packed with weddings, B"H and I"ve been too hungover to remember to post. But now that I just got back from a wedding early and sober enough, I'm taking advantage of the moment and posting.

First of all, in response to the comments on the "X marks the spot post", I havta agree with Child אִישׁ Behavior when he says that all girls wear black, mostly becuz its true. Like I said, I had a few weddings this week and a few in the next 2 weeks and I've been shopping to almost every mall in the city and most of the clothes are BLACK! so its really hard to find something OTHER than black. At the same time, an auction would be a cool way to end off the wedding, sorta auctioning off the bachelors...problem is, not every girl brings a fancy mini purse to carry cash in..

While on the subject of girls wearing black at weddings, I'd just like to point out as well that the second most common wedding color (not being any shade of black) is beige, white, or cream. Which if you check out Material Maidel's post, is obviously a color that is outvoted as well, because that is the color usually chosen by the bride & family.

Now that you've knocked out all shades of black and white (including cream, eggshell, grey, silver, charcoal, off-white, etc) that leaves you with either pastels=summer weddings, or darks, burgundy, navy=winter weddings and that is difficult again together as you have to find the right shade of color that the wedding party wants, then the right shade to match the shoes to match the accessories...guys, this is alot of work and research on the girls' part.

So, basically, if anyone reading this post knows of any available weddings outfits that are around and available in all sizes and for a decent price, that is not in the color range of black-white, please feel free to let us know where us girls can buy these dresses so we can start getting noticed from the guys, who can easily point us out of the sea of black dresses!

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