Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mama's Boys

As a sequel to my previous post, I think there should be another reality show, but for Frum Girls. In reality, nowadays if we would have a show about Shidduchim, the best part of the entire dating process would it 'Meeting the Future Mother-in-law (aka "MIL")'. Truth is, these days it seems that before even saying 'yes' to a suggested Shidduch, the guy's mom has to approve of the girl, the guy's mom has to see a pic of the girl, the guy's mom has to do all the research, and the guy's mom makes the decision if he goes out with her or not. Of course, I am not referring to all guys-Thank G-d, however, I AM referring to those very special boys who's moms do everything for them and we refer to them as "Mama's Boys". Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm sure you're familiar with the term. Some of you may even be fortunate enough to have met some of these 'mama's boys' in person. What frustrates me though, are the guys who are already in the Shidduch Parsha for quite a while, and still can't seem to do anything without their moms getting involved. They don't do research, they don't make/take phonecalls, infact they don't even involve themselves in the entire process, other than actually taking the girl out on a date, and even that is only after their mom TELLS them to take the girl out. It's a bit sad actually. I mean, why bother involve these boys at all-might as well just go out with the mom (and THAT would make GREAT reality TV!) and who would want to go out with a guy's mom when she thinks that no one is good enough for her special little boy? So, people out there, viewers of national TV, America-are you listening? Some aspiring producer/director-here's a great idea for a reality TV show where its GIRL vs. MIL, grueling grilling, 20 questions, fashion faux pas' and what not? Tune in next week for "Mama's Boys" the sequel to "The Bachur" 9/8c on ABC.

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