Monday, August 24, 2009

Height Issues

My friend Estie just instant messaged me with one of the 'famous questions': what does it mean when the say a guy is 5"5?
well, it depends. It depends on alot of things. For starters, who is saying how tall the guy is? Do they know him? Did they see him?
Estie is only worried because of her past experience with height issues. She was told the guy was average height and when he came, she was taller and i mean a head taller. She's not a tall person to begin with, I would even put her somewhere between shortish and average, so you can imagine her disappointment. I'm not putting down short people, as the author of this blog can be categorized as being on the short side, but for some people: height matters.
What I don't get though is, why are people lying? If the guy is short, the girl will find out either way, either by calling people, or when he shows up at the door! So what's the point. Just say it as it is. ok, here and there people will add a few inches, but there is a difference between average height and SHORT!
I've heard girls respond to the question with the following "how tall am I? (shake of hair behind shoulder), well it depends....are we talking with heels on or without? and if we ARE talking heels, are we talking everyday office heels, Shabbos heels, wedding heels? cuz there IS a difference you know..."
Well, I want to advise her to do the right thing. Like 'don't worry, just call a few references and see what they say' or 'maybe it won't be like the last time', but I don't know....after the last date, she was REALLY disappointed. I know that tall guys don't always want short girls and I get that, because I remember I once dated a basketball player almost 7 foot tall guy and I was jogging alongside him to keep up with his pace as he strolled through Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn. Do I think its the worst thing in the world, no? But does that make it correct to make a short boy sound average height by adding a few inches-NO!
What would you do?

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  1. As a tall girl, that REALLy gets annoying, because while I'm honest about my height, many guys lie, and I'm stuck on a date with a murderous looking dude who thinks I orchestarted this intentionally.