Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Would YOU Do?

here's the deal: my cousin called me up with yet another one of her "OMG-YOU'RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME" stories.
She was walking down her block when a lady in the community stopped her car and told her she needed to speak with her. She told the lady she was on her way home and the lady can reach her then. She figured this woman would call her on the phone to talk, however, within a few minutes of her dumping her bags on the floor, this woman rang her doorbell. She goes to the door and the lady is smiling at her. Not a regular 5 second smile, but a LARGE, FAKE, make-you-feel-awkward smile that is everlasting. She shows the woman in and closes the door behind her. The woman, still smiling, remains at the front door and look up at my cousin.
She then tells my cousin 'you know I have guts' and puts her smile back on. My cousin just looks at her and doesn't know what to say, so she just smiles back, a quick, short smile. The woman tells my cousin she has a Shidduch for her. She then goes back to the nevereding smile.
There is awkward silence and she asks my cousin if she should speak to her directly or rather her mom. My cousin says, it makes no difference as her mom discusses all shidduchim with her either way. The woman smiles, looks up and says 'It's my son'.
-------silence reigns the room------other than that million watt smile coming from the lady, aka the boy's mom, my cousin doesn't know what to do or say so she pastes a fake smile on her face and remains calm.
The lady goes on giving more details about her son and she tells my cousin that it is a compliment that she, the boy's mom, thinks my cousin is good enough for her son.
Basically, she went on and on about her son and told my cousin to discuss it with her mom and call this lady back. Also, this lady lives a few blocks away, and works together with my cousin on a few communal projects during the year, which means they see each other quite ofen.
Now, this may sound biased, but for those of you who KNOW me, know that I am a total honest person, so lemme just explain that my cousin is a beautiful, skinny, tall, smart, talented, girl. This lady's son is short, heavy, no looks, no brains, and I don't wanna say 'off the derech', so I'll just say 'dancing on the borderline....'
So, if you were the one answering the door.....How would you react?


  1. Sounds like the mother's ego matches your description of her son. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

    Sounds like your cousin handled things elegantly.

    Although the woman who really wants the best for her son, and wants her son to do things right.. (and maybe a little desperate to have another grandchild) bit her tongue and did the courageous go after the girl routine that most guys seem to wimp out from.

    Then again I just got whipped pretty good today going after a girl.. but then again I aught to blog about it sometime rather then write it here.

  2. 'dancing on the borderline' ! hahahahahahah rofl!

    wow - this mother has baytzim!

    what a preview of life for her future d-in-law!

    your poor 'cousin'!

  3. Just be honest. "I don't think your son is right for me" is a perfectly good answer.

  4. Oh man, I know how bad it is when a neighbor wants you for her son. Been there.
    I was nice enough to permit a phone call, and it turns out this guy did not trust his mother, talking to me as though I had limited intelligence, and did not want to go out with me.
    It's really awkward in shul now.