Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the Big MOVE

Now that the new year is right around the corner and people are coming back from their summer vacations, or just summer lazyin' around, the 'Job Search' has begun for some of us. Let me just say, B"H I have a good job where I work all year round (except Shabbos and Yom Tov, oh ya and Xmas, new years, etc) so I don't havta worry, but for others, its quite tough. As a friend who has to listen to all the issues that go along with the job search, i.e. interviews, my heart goes out to all of you.
As an out-of-towner, one common 'new years' tradition is that every year there are some girls who make the Big MOVE and uproot themselves to live in Beautiful Boro Park, or Fancy Flatbush, or the Lovely Lower East Side. Sorta like the grass is greener...meaning that's where all the guys are, or so we are told. So, these girls spend their time searching for a job, then searching for apartments, then searching for roommates...it takes alot of energy and imagine how hard it must be on them. (Just for the record, I know there are out-of-town guys who do the same, so I'm not being gender-specific here) Then again, out of all the girls who end up moving to the Big Apple, how many get engaged right away?
What I don't get it why people think its the "MAGIC FIX"? Sorta like, if it would be a commercial it would sound like this: "Still Single? Stuck in the same boring job and getting nowhere with your life? Feel like being out of town has got you down? If you answered yes to any of the above, C'MON DOWN to the US of A and settle urself in Brooklyn, the heart of the Jewish community where boys/men of all ages and all backgrounds are waiting for YOU to be their lucky wife."
But in truth, I would like to know how all these out-of-towners who come to Brooklyn and live in the basement apartments (aka "the underground") get noticed? How does it work that all of a sudden they have many more dates and meet many more people and shadchanim call them nonstop. Or is it not true. Do they just have their jobs, come home and every so often have a date and then hopefully the next one is the 'right one'. Apparently, rumor has it that another reaon they call it the 'underground' is because that's just what it is-the UNDERGROUND, no onen sees them, no one knows them, but everyone knows there are out-of-towners hanging out in Brooklyn...somewhere...

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  1. Ha, my best friend, CJ is in that boat, her parents want to ship her off to NY because "that's were all the guys are!"
    It may be easier if you actually know ppl in NY, or have family there. For those who don't though..why put yourself through hell?