Thursday, July 30, 2009

Singles Events...

As Shabbos Nachamu and Tu B'Av approaches, more ads are appearing in the local Jewish papers for Single Shabbatons and Single Events. Now just for the record "I have never been to a Single Shabbaton and/or Single Event" so I cannot comment, but I do have a few friends who went to these organized Shidduch-geared events. What I'm trying to figure out is how comfortable one of these Shabbatons can be? I guess it depends on the person and their personality, but here's how I see it. Whether you're from the NYC area or from out of town, you show up to the Shabbos, get ready in your hotel room (If you came with a friend, all the better...if not, you get to know your single roomie for the next 24 hours) and then go to the main (dining?) hall. Other than you, there are approx. 300 other singles EVERYWHERE! I know these things are very well setup, e.g. 52" square table, 3 guys on each side, 3 girls on the opposite side, 1 designated married couple to help conversation flow between the guys/girls on the table, etc. But how awkward can that be? I like to consider myself a sociable person and I like to go out, meet new people, get to know them, etc. however, in a situation where you are just ONE of the many singles in the room, where the reason you are here is to 'find your true zivug', where all guys/girls are supposed to be having a good time, but everything is so formal (even the games, I am told) how does this occur. Even if you do see a guy across the room who is 'easy on the eyes', do you just approach him and get talking? do you know about the singles who will be attending in advance? Do they place directories in each of the rooms with a mini resume on each single so you can read it in your room before shabbos and then search for the ones you like in the crowd downstairs?
Can anyone fill me in? seriously curious here...

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  1. You just walk up to the nearest hottie and say "Hey Baby, how YOU doin???"