Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sending your Pic

Lately the common request that's going around when it comes to Shadchanim is to send them a photo of yourself. Now, I get if you haven't met with the Shadchan personally, they want to understand 'your type of look'. And I understand that if they know of a potential guy who they met personally, or know of and being that they never saw you, they want to make sure they are setting this guy up with a legit looking girl and even if they want a picture so they can tell the boy "I saw this girl and she's decent lookin", etc. that's understandable, right? However, according to some friends of mine, it seems that they will send a picture, or email it along with their resume and it doesn't just stop with the Shadchan. Sometimes the Shadchan will send it to the boy and sometimes to the Boy's mothers! Now, if they clearly tell you what they will do with your photo and you willingly send your pic knowing whose hands it will fall in=understandable, but to forward it on=wrong. Think about it girls-how many of you have received photos of guys that were being 'redd' to you? I'm not talking about guys that were offered through friends, or family friends who had pictures because of their relationship with him and I'm not talking about doing your own research on facebook, etc. But honestly, I have lost faith in these people and don't wanna know how many guys or guy's moms or their friends have my photo sitting in their email inbox. I think it is fair that if a shidduch is redd, and both parties agree, then the pix of the guy and girl be emailed to each other. Even if the guy/girl is not into the looks of the other, atleast you got to see what the guy looked like, and can potentially (if you heard nice things about him and the only no factor was that he didn't like your pic) find some other single girl for him. Am I wrong, or just paranoid?


  1. Why would you ever trust what a yenta says?
    And if you call her on it, I'm sure she'll tell you it was for your own good and make you look stupid for being upset about it.