Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Dating Game

There are many ways people define the Jewish dating scene. Some call it being on "The Market", others are busy with the famous "Freezer" (as in Lakewood Yeshiva) and to those who have cable tv: "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette". I've heard of the one where they compare finding a decent guy to finding a good parking space: "all the good ones are taken, all the close ones are handicapped and everything else is really far away."

But I have another take on the situation-Dating can be compared to "Guess Who". For us 80s babies who played the simple Milton Bradley game over and over again on Shabbos afternoons-this is the story of my life.

Remember "Bill"? My friend used to call him "egghead Bill" cuz of the shape of his head. What about Max? The huge mustache guy? or Peter? Well, don't you feel like shidduchim is like playing Guess Who? There's a whole 'board' of singles out there, but you don't see them (they're not facing you-duh!). Each time a guy is offered, you have to make inquiries, call references=does he have a beard? is he bald? does he wear colored shirts? ok, we do more than the superficial investigation (more like personality, family, yeshivas, etc). Then you go out with the guy and decide it's not for you, so you 'knock him down' on your board of single bachelors and continue on your quest, searching for the right ones, asking the right questions....

and if you really wanna get deep: ever wonder why there is no equal amount of girls and guys in this game? There are like what, only 5 girls? Just a little somethin to think about....


  1. wow, that was just excellent, haven't thought of that comparison. I remember playing "Guess who", I totally forgot about it, next time I go to toys r' us I'm going to have to buy it again, great game!

  2. So happy that I'm in a BT shul and never had to deal with any of that frummie bs.