Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi all,
If this was my Shidduch resume, I would havta introduce myself as the most 'aMAAAAZing' girl, a Baal Middos, with lotsa friends, coming from sucha great family, outgoing personality, etc, etc, which by the way, is all 100% true, but let's be honest, most shidduch resumes are the same, it all comes down to marketing techniques and good PR. But thankfully, this isn't my resume, this is just a place I created as a spot to vent my frustrations at 'the system', to share my experiences on the shidduch scene, or as my friends call it 'tech-therapy' and I think you'd agree with me when I say that anyone who has been in Shidduchim for quite a few years, needs some sorta therapy, whether it includes talking it over with friends, going out for a weekly coffee break, or writing a blog!
So, being a single BY-type girl in her mid twenties and living out of town, I got lotsa stories, as I'm sure most of you reading can relate to. Feel free to comment and share your insights!
oh ya, and how can I not end off with the most used phrase I've been hearing on an almost weekly basis "IY"H By You!"

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