Friday, July 24, 2009

Most Embarassing Moment?

Yesterday I was reading a copy of "Lifestyle" magazine. (for those of you who are not familiar with it, it's one of those Country Yossi-type free magazines that they have all over Boro Park, etc.) and there was an article from a lady who wrote her most embarassing dating story. I was all excited to read, thinking no one can have worse stories than me, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. Then again, I guess it depends on the person, personality and sitaution at hand...
For those of you who aren't so 'fortunate' to live in Brooklyn, and or receive this mag, let me share her EM (Embarassing Moment) with you:
She was only about 18, going out on her first date and as any girl would be, a bit nervous. She got all the typical pre-dating advice about 'being yourself', etc. and she looked forward to going out with this young gentleman who she heard so many good things about. The guy came and they went out to a restaurant. The meal went pretty well and they have smoothe conversation all through. The waiter came and asked if they wanted desert. She ordered a sorbet and he ordered ice cream. She kept talking all through desert while he finished his ice cream and listened patiently. She explained how she got so carried away with her convo that she didn't even realize she was the only one still working on her dessert. She stopped talking and focused on finishing her sorbet.
The boy then looked at her and asked her "Are you ready?"
She thought to herself 'omg! I didn't think that these things worked so quickly?' even though the date went well and then replied "I don't think I can get engaged before Chanuka"
The boy turned beet red and started to fidget with his cutlery. He was looking for the words to say and finally mustered up the courage to tell her he meant, is she ready to go home now.
Once she understood what he meant, she was floored. She explained how her legs felt like jelly and she managed to get herself into his car and had a silent ride back to her house. They pulled up to her house, the boy turned to her and asked "Are you ready? I'm ready to go out with you again."
Anyone wanna share?


  1. wow, that does sound mighty embarrassing. It's nice when these stories have a good ending, where the embarrassing moment brings them closer and makes them share a private special memento.

  2. Well, at least she's not picky. :-D

  3. A friend of mine insinuated marriage (accidentally) on the first date. They are married now so I guess it worked out ok...

  4. Did she say if they got married after?
    I think this could be embarrassing for the girl, but if they guy has good reaction and is able to play it around then she shouldn't feel that bad.

  5. Someone asked me on a first date "Do you think you're ready to get married?" and I was like OMGGGG! But then I realized he didn't mean it as a proposal, but rather as a general question! (I didn't marry him)