Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Timing?

I'm not trying to judge-really, I'm not. I'm just trying to understand-so please help clarify this situation:
There's this family that lives in my area. They're really nice people, Baalei Tzedaka, friendly, good kids-actually REALLY good kids, respectable, etc.
Anyway, their oldest son is learning in a really good yeshiva in Israel-one of the strict Yeshivish ones (no, not The Mir) that only the best learners get into. I just found this out about a month ago and was clearly impressed (don't worry-he's waaaaay too young for me-like not even dating yet young!).
So-where is the clarification needed?
Well, you see a week or two ago we were driving around doing errands when his mom parks right infront of me. She gets out of her car and is wearing pants! yes, I said p-a-n-t-s, which could clearly be seen as pants and no such fashionable 'slinky skirt that maybe was just staticky and stiking to her legs', but her short coat revealed her legs which were covered by pants.
I must say I was shocked. No it wasn't jeans, no it wasn't snow pants, it was clearly pants and these are Frum people, she wears a sheitel, the family is black hat heimishe, her kids is learning in one of the top most respectable Yeshivos in Israel!
Someone who was with me at the time mentioned that perhaps she was on her way to the gym which was a few blocks away-but still, even if she was, how can she walk around outside like that when people can see her.
Is this normal? Help me see the light!


  1. You have to be dan l'kaf zchus. She was obviously coming from her all-female gym. Her skirt likely got lost while there.

  2. Maybe her skirt go caught up in her coat, or in her pants. You know, when you're a kid and the back of your skirt gets caught in your underwear?

  3. Whether or not she wears pants, is no one's business but her own....

  4. I agree with the 2nd anonymous comment. Why is it your business? If this is Purim humor you left out the funny part.

  5. data-lol! i can visualize the kids walking to school with their uniform in their tights.
    anon#3-how u dress in public reflects what kinda person u are, and if you're giving off an impression of being 'heimishe' & sending ur kid off to Israel to 'holy yeshivas' one doesn't go hand in hand with the other.
    P. Almonius-sad as it is-this is NOT purim humor-next time I'll try and take my iphone out to get just in time to grab a pic

  6. i kinda hear what you're saying.

    i'd probably be shocked as well - it's only normal when you're used to seeing someone one way, and then all of a sudden they surprise you!

    i do wear pants at the gym - and sometimes wear them TO the gym - which means I've prob been seen about town in pants. I dont think thats such a big deal - but then... my kid's not at a yeshivish yeshiva...

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