Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nice or Neb?

I need your take on this situation:
This past Shabbos, I went to daven at a different Shul than I normally go (yes, I am a Shul-goer each Shabbos, or atleast I try!) as there was a Bar Mitzvah for a family friend of ours. So, I get to the Shul, find a Siddur and sit quietly in the back trying to concentrate on davening and not on the eyes focusing on me, my outfit, my bad-hair, etc.
I was the only single girl in Shul. Or better yet, I was the only girl over the age of 3 1/2 and younger than 42. So, the women did tend to give me the one over, otherwise known as 'the Elevator Stare', you know where they look you up and then down, from your shoes until your hair accessories (if you have any).
Anyhow, the Bar Mitzvah boy got called up and then everyone went to wish the mother Mazel Tov. I quietly waited for everyone to finish the 'kissing and wishing ceremony' so that I would walk over to the mom without the Yenta parade hovering nearby.
Whilst waiting at my seat, I made myself look busy by concentrating really hard on the Chumash. Just then 2 women from another Shul, who happen to live nearby walked in. They went to wish the mom Mazel Tov and then left. As the second of the two was walking out, I noticed her staring at me, or atleast in my direction, at which point, I-again, had lotsa Kavannah at that moment to look busy. The woman walked over to me and said 'I know you're not the Bar Mitzvah boy, but I'm still going to come over and say Good Shabbos to you, so Good Shabbos.'
To which I responded with a smile and a mumbled good Shabbos.
So, being that I don't really have anything to do with this woman, I mean, she IS a nice lady and all, but why would she dafka walk over to me? was this just a 'nice' gesture, or was it a 'chessed' project of hers to make sure she said 'good shabbos' to the one single neb who was sitting by herself in Shul?
p.s. I'm not insulted either way, I just found the whole thing to be a bit odd.


  1. Being as I don't know the lady, I can't say for certain either way, but I'm inclined to think that it was just a nice gesture.

  2. Msybe, as you are single, you are obviously in need of chizuk. So the "Gut Shabbos," was to give you a spring to your step.