Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Sefs vs. Ashkies

So, as my good friend Ruchie would put it, in terms of Jews there are 2 main categories: Sefs (Sefardim) and Ashkies (Ashkenazim). Being that I'm ashkenaz and most of my friends are Ashkenaz, I've attended more than my share of 'Ashkie' weddings. However, I DID go to a Bais Yaakov school, which means I did have some 'Sef' classmates and have therefore attended some Sef weddings, not to mention some of my relatives married Sefs as well.
Last night was the first time in quite a while that I went to an ALL SEF wedding. Meaning, both sides were TOTAL Moroccan Sefardi. Lemme just state-from an Ashkie point of view-SEF weddings ROCK!
Yes, everything from the shmorg (cocktails) to the dancing to the DJ (music) to the GORGEOUS guys, ROCKED. Here's a few of the things I liked better than our weddings
1. LOTSA more single guys
2. The single guys that were there were all STUNNING, had great hair, nicely put together, etc.
3. The food was awesome! they just kept replenishing and and offering more and more.
4. GREAT BAR=drinks all night long! (and for once, I wasn't the designated driver!)
5. Mixed cocktails-by the Sefs, they don't have Kaballas Panim. You don't see the Kallah, people just walk around and socialize by the food, guys & girls together.
6. Gorgeous gowns-give it to the Sefs-not only do they have the 'natural beauty gene' but they have really good taste in their outfits.
7. Decor-these people had it from the crystal dripping posts, to the flowers and palm trees in the hall.
8. Did I mention really good Cosmopolitans?
9. ULTRA leibedik dancing on both ends!
10. Chosson & Kallah & bridesmaids-groomsmen walk down to Titanic, Josh Groban-you raise me up, etc.
So, if its Ashkie vs. Sef wedding-which would you choose and why?


  1. I don't think it's connected with the ancestry of the family - it seems like it's just a more lavish style - probably because the family had more money and wanted it more lavish.

  2. Sef weddings rock! For me, it's all about the people, so Ashkie or Sef, it depends on the ambiance and usually, the Chatan and Kalla set the tone. Oh, and usually, the more chill the better!