Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shidduch Resumes

Over the past few years, it has become a common term in the shidduch world-'Shidduch Resume'. I don't consider myself old, but when I started dating, people just called on the telephone and got information the oldfashioned way-by asking and writing down the info. and references. Now, though, it is very rare for someone to call and jot down info and that's because of Shidduch Resumes.
No, folks, unfortunately there is no auto Wizard template in Word to help you figure this one out, you gotta do it all by yourself. So when the time came, I drew up a resume according to my basic information and also according to information that I would wanna know about a guy.
Every so often when dealing with a new shadchan or someone new, we would send the resume and the person receiving it would call back with what they would call ' constructive criticism' and tell you everything wrong with your resume, or as I call it-tell you what to remove, if not everything.
Lately, some of my friends and even family members have called asking me to email my shidduch resume. I know=it's crazy right? These people are supposed to know me the best! I grew up with them, shared secrets, fought, cried, and laughed together, yet when it comes to info-people will still ask for resumes and not just 'take their word for it'. So, when my close friends and family call, its a bit hurtful to me, but I gotta take into account that it's not them, its the people who are 'looking into me' that want it on a nice letterhead, etc. I even allow them to edit whatever they want-cuz I trust them blind.
Hey! If I had my way, I would photoshop a pic of a model, fix up her outfit to cover her collarbone and click send!

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