Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saved by a Mitzvah!

Something happened to me yesterday and it is such an amazing story that I feel it's only appropriate for me to post it and spread the word.
I was driving my car (yes, I have my own car-an old man car, 2002 Oldsmobile that I bought when it was a year old with my own $$$) home from the mall when my car started making these weird noises. I turned to my sister and asked her if she heard the same noise and she looked worried. I rolled down my window to try and hear if the noise was coming from the outside of the car or the inside. Two minutes later, we hear metal clinking on the street. Luckily we were at a red light, so I put my car in park, got out and checked the street for any 'car pieces' or metal, but there wasn't any. OK, I'll admit I was more than worried at that point, but close enough to my house that I just drove real slow and B"H got home safely. The next day my car was back to normal and my week continued smoothly.
The past few nights, I've been volunteering for various community projects (Bikur Cholim deliveres, Tomchei Shabbos packaging, etc.) where I had to drive to get there and back, so luckily my car was working, allowing me to help out and do Chesed in the community.
Last night, while driving to one of these factories, my car started making a different weird noise-it sounded like metal was stuck on my tire, but 20 minutes later, I got to the place safely, got out, looked at my car and all pieces seemed to be in place. When I was on the way home, a woman asked me for a lift, and I gladly told her to join-apologizing on the way for the weird noise my car was making. To make a long story short-we all got home safely B"H. I was extremely concerned though, as last night's noise sounded really dangerous and constant.
This morning I took my car to the mechanic and he said he would look at it and let me know what the probem was. Sure enough, I get a call an hour later and the mechanic is telling me how lucky I am, I am soo lucky that my car didn't blow up or explode!!!
I was friekin out here. (p.s. I'm a girl who knows NADA about cars-except the esthetic part-ask me any model number-that I can help with, but parts and mechanics-yikes!) I didn't understand what was wrong but basically, there was indeed a piece of metal spring from my car, which fell off (hence the noise sunday on the way home from the mall) and the jagged end of the metal was sticking into my tire, which shoudl've caused it to blow, etc. but luckily, he said, it didn't. Perhaps cuz I was driving slowly?
Yes, I did drive slower as I was frieked out by the noise, but most likely, I was spared (no pun in intended) because I was going to do a Mitzvah and was busy running to do Mitzvos this whole week!
p.s. as an extra 'min hashamayim' part to this story-I noticed Sunday that my tires needed air, but I kept pushing it off, cuz I didn't want to get dirty (ya-I'm a girl!). Now, imagine if I put the air in my tires and it G-d forbid blew up in my face, or if I had the guy at the gas station do it for me-how scary would that have been to witness?!?!
So, let me say THANKS to HASHEM for this open Nes and my advice to y'all?! Keep doing Mitzvos!

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