Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Ten way to Celebrate Valentine's Day as a Frum Single

Top Ten Ways for Frum Singles to Celebrate Valentine's Day in 2010

1. Girl's mothers send box of chocolates to Shadchanim (in order to upgrade them to the top of 'the list')
2. Boys calling their moms to wish them Happy Valentine's Day (if they know what's good for them)
3. Boys mothers receiving conversation hearts with a name of a girl on each heart candy and a phone number/email for contact information on the back.
4. Shadchan sends singing telegram to boy, singing girl resume to him to persuade him to go out.
5. Boy uses Valentine's as a reason to wear a pink shirt.
6. Girl buys low-fat, calorie-free, chocolate to binge on after being dumped by guy
7. Shidduch Meetings brainstorm creative ways to propose, all using chocolate, candy & flowers.
8. Girls can wear red or pink on a date and get away clean.
9. Girls with the name, "Rose, Rosie, Roslyn' are most likely to get a 'yes' from a guy.
10. Girls can get away with sending 12 red roses to the guy they have their eye on without worrying about being too forward

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