Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashionista on First Impression

OK-so I like to stereotype-what can I do about it?
Even though, I like to THINK that not EVERYONE belongs in a category and not ALL people from a certain city, sect, religion, etc. are the same, every so often, stereotypes do come along.
HOWEVER, rest assured folks-I was wronged in my stereotyping of people. Here's how it happened:
We were in NYC walking down one of the famous 'avenues' of Boro Park (sorry, I don't remember if it was 18th, 16th, 14th, etc.) and this woman passes us by. She's dressed to kill-literally. She was wearing GORGEOUS fashion boots-even I was jealous of how her legs looked in them. They were black leather, with a gorgeous 2.5 inch platform. Working our way up, she had a short straight skirt-right on her knee, a STUNNING coat, with a huge collar, and a big belt to accentuate her tiny waist, at which point the bottom of the coat-3/4 length, lay beautifully along her hips. She wore humongous 'Hollywood' type sunglasses to conceal her eyes (always keep a mysterious air) and her short blond wig was topped with a black sequenced berret-a la Gossip Girl style. She looked like a model.
So, she passes us on the street and turns out-what a shock-there is a connection and we somehow know the same people. Although I don't remember who stopped who on the 'avenue' and how the convo started-I do remember thinking how odd it is that this woman who looked like she walked outta the studio was talking to random people (us, out-of-towners) on the street. She looked like she wouldn't give someone the time of day-let alone a 2 minute conversation.
Turns out, she 'dabbles in shidduchim'. ok, 'like everyone else' was my first thought. But get this: the reason why she likes to do shidduchim, she explained is to show Hakaros HaTov to Hashem as all her kids are B"H married, and living happy lives.
WOW-This was impressive. Who woulda thought a blond-stereotype lookin airhead, fashionista outta Brooklyn would (a) talk like this (b) really MEAN it (c) really care? I woulda thought: good for her, her kids are married-let her go get Botox shots and continue with Yoga-but NO! This woman had 'content' and she really meant what she said!
So-lesson learned! Don't JUDGE people, don't stereotype, or atleast give people a chance=they may JUST impress you.


  1. I am surprised a Hungarian maidel like you would hold someone's looks against them. My grandmother only gives smokin' hot people the time of day.

  2. Ok, this is just the psychology student in me speakin' out, but I just need to say it. We are programed to stereotype because it saves our brain energy. We absorb stereotypes from birth on. The real thing we need to try to do is to stop applying them to the people we meet! Ending rant, and thank you for reading :)