Monday, March 1, 2010

A Purim Tale-Venahapach Hu

I was delivering Mishloach Manos yesterday, (Purim day for those in Shmutz La'Aretz) when I came upon a small scene.
Whilst walking up the steps to a friend of mine, her father was walking a Bochur to the door-or atleast he SOUNDED like a Bochur-altho he was dressed as Barney or something to the likes of that.
In any case, there was another girl standing on the stairs waiting for this Bochur or friend's father to move so she can go inside to deliver her Mishloach to her friend who lived there, but they didn't see her and kept talking. This girl must of been somewhere in her early twenties, she wasn't dressed up-as far as I could tell (she was wearing a fancy coat, tho!) however, she wore a large pin that glowed and said 'Birthday Girl'. She quietly moved up a step and the Barney-Bochur must've heard/seen her and turned. He then looked her up and down and said 'Happy Birthday'.
I watched this mini scene unfold infront of my eyes and had a thought. If this guy was a true Yeshivish Bochur-would he actually say this to a single girl on a regular day, or would he stair at the ground infront of her-than look at her up and down from afar and sum her up, or would he actually build up his courage and go over to her and tell her that?
Odds are, he would do the first.
Yes, guys/girls don't just 'walk up' or 'talk up' to the other gender just like that-unless it's in a movie, or he's a player, or he has guts.
I, personally, can't say this ALWAYS doesn't happen-becuz once, a guy actually DID walk up to me and asked me out to my face. Did I know him? no. Did he know me? nopes. He liked what he saw (rightfully so-if I may say so myself) and just went for it.
But perhaps Purim is a good excuse to do the thing you never would do-just GO FOR IT!
(later on you can blame it on being drunk)

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