Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well Wishers

You know those people who always wish you well?
The ones who ALWAYS daven for you? who have your "name bas mother's name" stuck to their fridge?
Who give Tzedaka for a zechus for you?
Who call your mother to tell her that she saw you lately and you looked so good and she wishes something happens soon, soon?
Ya-we call 'em "Well Wishers".

Then, there are those, who only wish you well, when things go well for them. This concept works as follows: 'Mrs. X' has a daughter the same age, or close in age as you. You're both in Shidduchim and might even be friends, family friends or distantly related to Mrs. X & Co. Every so often you meet up but don't talk about the obvious 'shidduch crisis' or 'shidduchim' in general.
Suddenly=BAM! you hear that Mrs. X's daughter, the one close in age as yourself, got engaged! Mazel Tov you think as you roll your eyes whilst rushing to blow your hair and get dressed for the vort that you're-so-not-in-the-mood to go to, but you-have-to-go-to-cuz-if-u-don't-people-will-think-you're-jealous-and-nebachcase u.....
Next thing you know, Mrs. X calls your mother and tells her that there is this Segulah.....she knows it works because she did it and lo and behold her daughter got engaged, so your mom & fam. should feel honored that she is sharing this with you because Mrs. X was always fond of you and wants you to have Mazel, Bracha, Hatzlacha, Yeshua, etc. etc. Suddenly now 'shidduchim' isn't a taboo anymore as her daughter is already engaged, which means it is now ok for her to discuss your shidduch issues with you.
Doesn't that just annoy the heck outta you?
Too bad there isn't one of those 'Im Yirtze Hashem By You' phrases that you can throw back when someone already has the Mazel & is engaged....

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  1. I find it so frustrating that the seriousness of tehillim names is for dating. The Eibishter forgot? "Oh, yeah, there's that girl who's single, My bad, I'll get right on it . . ."

    Invoking one's mother's name is scary stuff. Even during the most recent Israel v. Lebanon war, and they were giving out soldiers names to daven for, the father, not mother's name, was given.

    Is being single more life-threatening than being hit by a bullet?

    Once again, with feeling: AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!

    That should take care of some bottled up emotions for the time being.