Monday, March 22, 2010

New Template?

Being computer obsessive, I can probably tell you how to get outta any minor pc glitch whilst in my sleep. Yes, I know Microsoft Word like the back of my hand, I create my own little mini-movies using Windows Movie Maker, slideshows with Powerpoint, etc. I even create my own custom templates in Word for different uses. Although I must admit, there are many templates to download from calendar, to bookmark, to receipts, to resumes, etc.
However, I have yet to discover 1 template which is not available for download. A template that people nowadays seem to know quite alot about, even though there is none from Microsoft at all. This, my dear readers, is 'The Shidduch Template' for something known as 'The Shidduch Resume'.
In fact, just yesterday I sent out my Shidduch Resume by email and got a call back from the mother-in-law stating that it was too informative and way to descriptive-hey, the more the merrier, as long as it paints a picture (if they don't ask you for a picture as well-hehe). Strangely, a Shadchan I gave the same resume to a few weeks back read it and told me it was very well written. Another woman told me to remove some key words, whilst someone else told me to add.
The list goes on and on, either you luv it or ya hate it. But putting all luv & hate aside, there are alot of people out there who consider themselves 'Shidduch Resume Maivens', who seem to think they have a Masters in writing Shidduch Resumes and therefore they can tell you what to include, what not to include, what should be written first, how many paragraphs, bolded, bracketed, etc.
So, from now on, anytime I send out my Shidduch Resume, I tell people to feel free to 'cut, copy & paste' whatever they wish. After all, it is THEIR job as the 'shadchan' to 'redd' the shidduch and to describe us without forwarding the attachment.
So, if any of you out there have an MA or work for Microsoft, or have the Shidduch Template for these resumes-perhaps we should send it to all these critiques!
Better yet, here's a Jewish idea-why not come up with a template and charge each person $1.50 to download. Make money outta 'the shidduch crisis'. Market it in all Jewish newspapers, affiliate it with all the online dating, ShidduchVision, SawYouAtSinai stuff, have a couple of Rabbis sign and voila! yet another 'solution' to the shidduch crisis!
only downside?! you gotta have internet to THAT'S a whole other crisis!

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  1. Gasp! Not internet!

    Don't forget the photo critique; my neighbor, I lovely woman whom I adore, made me resend and retake photos, I believe with the end result that I put on less makeup. Sorry, for a Hungarian, that's like asking someone to cut a toe off. The makeup stays.